ecloth dusting cloth gets 4 star ratingIn a Nutshell: The e-cloth® Kitchen Towel dries dishes and your hands fast. It feels nice and it dries quickly. What more could you ask for? Maybe for it to be just a wee bit cheaper.

I’m taking one for the team here folks because I never hand-dry dishes. We have a dishwasher and any dishes that are done by hand are typically left in the sink to dry… for a day. Or two.

But you asked what the e-cloth Kitchen Towel is like and I aim to please, so here we go.

ecloth kitchen towel

It Feels Nice

Sure, it’s microfiber, but the Kitchen Towel (I may call it dish towel here too – sorry for any confusion) doesn’t feel like microfiber because it contains 40% cotton.

I hear you now. You’re thinking “Whoa! Kate! Did you just say COTTON? Cotton isn’t supposed to be in microfiber, is it?”

High-five! That’s exactly what I thought! But I thought wrong. Shhh! Don’t let my husband know I’m admitting my wrong-ness.

Anyway, the Dish Towel has cotton in it so it doesn’t have that super-grabby feel of most e-cloth microfiber products and it feels nice and soft on your hands.

It Dries Dishes Fast

I hand-washed a load of dishes last night. Just for you. Problem was, as I washed them, the already-washed dishes dried all on their own. Sooo, I piled all the clean dishes in the sink and ran water over them so they were soaking wet.

Meanwhile, my brain is thinking “Kate, you’re a sucker.

Now I’ve got a sink full of soaking dishes and I started drying them with the e-cloth Kitchen Towel. And as I dried, my head was nodding that idiotic “ah ha!” nod. I’ll call it my Hey-this-is-a-super-duper-good-dryer-thing, nod.

The towel almost instantly grabs moisture off the dishes so I didn’t have to keep rubbing the same spot. And it dried the last dish as quickly as it dried the first one.

I’m really impressed with how well it dries plastic. I always have trouble drying plastic food containers. My cotton towels seem to push water around on the plastic more than absorb it (I suspect this is true for dishes and glasses too but I only really notice it on plastic). So it was a very pleasant surprise to have the e-cloth kitchen towel actually remove the water.

It’s going to change the way you dry dishes because instead of standing there, rubbing a plate round and round and round with a cotton towel to get it dry, you’ll just go once-around and be done.

It Dries a Lot of Dishes

ecloth kitchen dish drying towelI’m told that the e-cloth Kitchen Towel will hold 4 times more moisture than a cotton towel. I kind of tested this by repeatedly spraying water on the dishes in the sink to make sure they were soaking wet as I picked them up to dry them.

And the darned e-cloth towel kept soaking up the moisture and drying those dishes. Isn’t science amazing?

Why didn’t I invent microfiber?

It Cleans Up

If you’ve got Jr. washing the dishes and he missed a spot or two… the microfiber of the e-cloth kitchen towel will pick up what he missed.

And a shout out to my buddy Scott for telling me that the e-cloth towels leave a wonderful shine on cutlery, stainless steel pots and glass lids.

It Dries Hands Fast

I ALWAYS have a dish towel hanging from the handle on my oven door. It’s used almost exclusively for drying my hands and I use it upwards of 30 times/day. I don’t think I’ve ever put any thought into how long it took for a dish towel to dry my hands. It’s something you do absent-mindedly, right?

Until a few days ago when I first hung my e-cloth dish towel there.

It’s a funny thing about microfiber towels. The first time you use one, you use it like you would a regular cotton towel: you rub your hands with it for several seconds and then walk away with slightly damp hands. But hang on now! With the e-cloth Kitchen towel, your hands are dry.

Is the speed of hand-drying going to change your life? No, but it’s a little interesting, isn’t it?

It Dries Fast

Sure, it’s got some cotton in it, but the e-cloth kitchen towel will dry up faster than your average cotton dish towel. So, you can use it after one meal and it’ll be ready for the next one. Or, if like me you only have 1, you can wash it and it’ll dry fast so you’ll never know it was gone.

Why Only 4 Stars?

I wish this was a wee bit cheaper. But I’m told that it’s big-time pricey technology to get the cotton in there and sometimes we have to pay a bit more for quality and performance.

And I wish they came in a 3-pack.

For more information or to purchase the e-cloth Kitchen Towel, please visit

UPDATE February 2019: at some point (I forgot to update this and now can’t remember when it happened), e-cloth dropped the price on these towels and now, you can save money when you purchase more than 1. You’ll save $2 if you purchase 2 and save $8 if you purchase 4.