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I know a lot of you like to give e-cloths as gifts. And I thank you for that! Cleaning supplies are a tough sell and I know a lot of people resist changing to e-cloths from more traditional products and solutions. So I truly appreciate when you spread the word about how wonderful e-cloths are and when you share them with your friends and family.

But lets be honest here folks. No one really wants to get cleaning supplies for Christmas.  Even the naughty folks don’t deserve that!

But the e-body®, e-cloth for pets, and e-auto products are a different story!

Kids love the e-body luxury bath towel4Have you seen the Luxury Bath towel (that’s my son, Remy, enjoying it on the left)? Have you read my reviews (here and here)?  Pure HEAVEN! Like a minke fleece blanket that dries you in seconds!

And what about the Exfoliating Body Mitt? You won’t believe how your skin feels after you use it.

Actually, forget what I said earlier. You don’t want to gift these. You want to get them for yourself (or tell someone to get it for you – email them a link to – hee hee).

Of course we can’t forget little poochie and kitty.  I don’t know a dog or cat alive that doesn’t fall into a trance when I pat them with the Grooming Mitt. Good old Roxy (my dog) woofs that she’s crazy about it. The Drying Towel is amazing for drying off wet dogs and it’s so soft that Roxy (and others) uses it for a bed!

Got a busy mom or a car enthusiast on your gifting list? The Car Interior Cleaning pack is perfect for everything from wiping up spilled juice to finely detailing your car.

If my enticing sales pitches aren’t enough to convince you…

Well, how does 30% off sound?

Yup, you read that correctly: 30% off all e-body, pet and auto products!

Sale runs from Dec 2 until midnight, Dec. 8 (EST),  2013.

Click here to start shopping.  For a list of gift ideas – mostly my favourite e-cloth products – click on the image below.  It includes many of the sale items.