If the e-cloth dusting cloth was a mitt, I’d give it 5 stars. This cloth goes above and beyond the call of dusting duty. It picks up very fine particles like drywall dust and pet hair clings to it like a magnet. LOVE IT!

The Little e-cloth Dusting Cloth Packs a Big Punch

I started using the Norwex Dusting Mitt a couple of years ago and have come to appreciate the “handiness” of the mitt, so when I pulled the e-cloth Dusting Cloth out of the package I was a bit disappointed.

It’s thin and it doesn’t have the typical microfiber feel. To be honest, it just felt like a piece of fleece fabric with a nicely finished edge.

But hold on a minute folks. The e-cloth Dusting Cloth is one good duster and the fleecy feel is the key!

Note: I’m going to focus this review on the e-cloth dusting cloth but will do a bit of a e-cloth versus Norwex comparison at the end. So if that’s what you’re looking for, scroll down.

How Does the e-cloth Dusting Cloth Work?

GEEK ALERT: a few facts for you science-minded folk:

  1. the e-cloth Dusting Cloth is 100% polyester microfiber.
  2. Polyester has a negative electrical charge. This is important because… wait for it… are you ready? drum roll, please….
  3. most airborne particles like pollen, dust, and smoke carry a positive electrical charge
  4. The negatively charged e-cloth ® Dusting Cloth pulls those positively annoying little dust particles right in and the millions of little microfibers hold onto that dust and DO NOT LET IT GO.

How is the e-cloth Dusting Cloth Different from Other Microfiber Dusters?

Well, most other microfiber dusters – including the Norwex Dusting Mitt – are made of a polyester/polyamide mix. Polyamide carries a positive charge so… you guessed it… it actually repels some dust.

Kate’s Home Dusting Tests

I could spend a week dusting my house and when I was done, I’d have to start again. Never have you seen dust like there is in my house. So the question was, where to start? I’ve used the e-cloth Dusting Cloth all over my house but of course only occasionally think to take a picture.

Test 1: The Stairs

I know not everyone dusts their stairs but I find it easier than sweeping or – God forbid – vacuuming them. My stairs are a major collection point for dust and dog hair. Need proof?

Here’s a revealing snapshot of one of my stairs 2 days after I vacuumed. Go ahead and click on it for a gross zoomed in view. Now you see what I’m up against. Why would I haul the vacuum out every 2 days when I could just dust this mess up?

So, I tackled the stairs with the e-cloth Dusting Cloth and this is what I found:

  1. It picked up pet dander, drywall dust (have I mentioned we’re renovating?), some bits of I don’t know what, a piece of sand and a lot of dog hair.
  2. It got all the dust in the corners around the spindles and along the wall
  3. Mostly I was impressed by the actual picking up (instead of corralling) of the dog hair. See it on the picture below? You can see how I had the cloth folded into 4 and the hair is all over the cloth, not just along the edges. This is a big improvement over the Norwex Dusting Mitt (take a look at my Norwex Dusting Mitt review) and my Swiffer duster that’s been sitting unused in my cupboard for 2 years. Granted, this could be a factor of the kind of dogs we have (coarse-haired Labrador Retrievers). I can’t say how it would work on fluffy cat hair or that from a Golden.

Test 2: Ceiling Light Shades

This is a job I don’t do often. Ummm… Now this is embarrassing…In 11 years of living in this house, this is the 2nd time I’ve cleaned these shades. Possibly it’s because I find the fixture hideous and try not to look at it. Possibly it’s because I’m lazy. In any case, they were D-U-S-T-Y, dusty.

The e-cloth Dusting Cloth did a really good job on these. It glides smoothly over the glass and picked up all the dust, even in the crevasses – I didn’t have to work the cloth at all to get into any of those little grooves. It just got the dust somehow . It took about 20 seconds to do each one and as far as I could tell, the dusting cloth was picking up all the dust – not letting it fall away.

How do I know this you ask? Well…

Ideally, I would have dusted these right on the fixture because I was pretty confident that the Dusting Cloth wasn’t going to let a lot of dust drop to the floor. But I had a bit of time on my  hands the day I tackled this job so I decided to do a little experiment and compare the e-cloth Dusting Cloth to the Norwex Dusting Mitt.

So I took all the shades off and put them on some black paper so I could see if the e-cloth or Norwex mitt let any dust fall off the shades as I was dusting.

They both did a really good job although it took a bit more work with the Norwex Dusting Mitt (maybe because of the whole electric charge thing I talked about above) and the darned piping on the Norwex Dusting Mitt (see my review of the Norwex Mitt for a rant on this most annoying design flaw) picked up some of the dust and then promptly let it fall off the mitt. You can see the little balls of dust in the picture, below.

The e-cloth Dusting Cloth didn’t let any dust fall off the shade.

And here’s where my genius (or lack of it) comes in to prove it. See the picture on the right? Click on it to zoom in. Now see the dog hair on the left? That fell off my sweater. And see that little speck on the right? That’s a sesame seed. That came from my 3 year old son who was eating granola and sneezed the instant I snapped the picture.

If I had bothered to tamper with the results, don’t you think I would have taken the time to move that bloody sesame seed out of the shot? Trust me – the e-cloth Dusting Cloth did not let any dust fall.

Test 3: Blinds

I’m really taking one for the team here folks. I don’t do blinds. We had blinds in our old apartment and when we first moved in I stupidly decided to clean them by throwing them in the tub. I sliced my hands to bits and spent hours cleaning that mess.

So when we moved into this house and I saw the blinds, I quickly took them all down. All but one. And it’s been hanging there, uncleaned, ever since. Just so I could do this test. Hee hee.

This set of blinds is so neglected that I haven’t even used my Norwex Dusting Mitt on it and I hear it’s great for them (so obviously there won’t be any comparison here).

I spent 2 minutes cleaning the blinds with the e-cloth Dusting cloth and here’s what I noticed:

  1. I didn’t cut my hands
  2. the cloth slid easily over the blinds and across the string and picked up pretty much all the dust except right beside the string. I didn’t spend any extra time or effort trying to get that though
  3. there didn’t appear to be any dust on the windowsill when I was done
  4. the blinds looked and felt clean when I was done
  5. the e-cloth was still looking pretty clean so I dusted my favorite piece of pottery and the table in the hall afterwards

What does the e-cloth Dusting Cloth Dust Well?

To be honest, I haven’t found anything that it doesn’t dust well. Aside from the examples above, I’ve used it with great success to dust:

  • pictures and frames
  • the stereo (remember to turn the stereo off 15 minutes before you dust to get rid of the static charge it generates)
  • wooden furniture
  • fabric and glass lamp shades
  • the top of the fridge
  • ceiling fans – and you don’t have to worry about dust falling to the floor
  • crown molding, baseboards, doors and trim
  • cobwebs and spider webs
  • the ceiling and walls (unbelievably I often find dog hairs on our walls)
  • knickknacks
  • baskets
  • the back of the TV (again, turn your TV off 15 minutes before you dust and WARNING: do not use the dusting cloth on the screen. Use the e-cloth electronics cloth instead)
  • inside your car – try it on the dash!
  • am I missing anything here?

How Does the e-cloth Dusting Cloth Compare to the Norwex Dusting Mitt?

  • Well, obviously the e-cloth is not a mitt. Comfort wise, I’m partial to the mitt but admittedly I only ever use one side of it because I just can’t get used to dusting with my left hand. The mitt may be better for people with arthritis.
  • The e-cloth Dusting Cloth is 100% polyester microfiber that feels like fleece. The Norwex Dusting Mitt is a polyester/polyamide mix that has that typical microfiber feel.
  • The Norwex Mitt is more plush than the e-cloth dusting cloth, but it doesn’t get dust out of grooves or corners as easily as the e-cloth (likely due to that whole electrical charge thing)
  • the e-cloth Dusting Cloth picks up hair from my dogs. The Norwex Mitt absolutely does NOT.
  • There are some types of dust in my house that the Norwex Mitt won’t pick up but the e-cloth Dusting cloth will. It may be plaster dust from our ceilings, I’m not sure.
  • They both make dusting a whole lot easier and without the use of chemical sprays
  • Norwex offers a 2 year warranty. e-cloth offers a 3 year warranty
  • The Norwex mitt costs $16.99. The e-cloth Dusting Cloth is $9.99 for 2.



  • the e-cloth Dusting Cloth picks up dust. What else could you want?
  • no chemical sprays or polishes are required
  • when it’s full, you can shake it out or brush it off and continue using it
  • it’s washable and guaranteed for 300 washes!
  • it’s got a natural electrical charge that attracts dust so you don’t have to work to get dust out of corners and grooves
  • it picks up dog hair
  • you can dust ceiling fixtures (lights and fans) without worrying about dust falling on to the floor/counter/bed/your breakfast…
  • it’s not a mitt

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  1. Leslie lloyd

    I did not expect to like e clothes. The microfiber you buy at the store has always felt nasty to me. Norwex is going crazy around me and I wanted to try it but geez sooo expensive. So I bought a starter pack of e clothes on eBay. Then I found this blog and have been buying here. Love them….. One question though. My all purpose and kitchen ones are relatively new but look like they have picks on them. Is this normal?? I had also been dampening my dust cloth. Guess I will try it dry.

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Leslie – some small picks are normal. If there are many, or the cloth looks like it’s unraveling (which I’ve never seen but anything is possible!), let me know and we’ll sort things out.

  2. Amanda

    I thought I was imagining the power of these simple yellow cloths, then I read your review and realised I wasn’t imagining it.

    I’ve a whole collection of e-cloths now (on the verge of e-cloth addiction).

    And what a wonderfully written review.

    I’m off to clean my light fittings!

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Amanda – thanks so much for taking the time to write and tell me how much you like the dusting e-cloths. They ARE amazing, aren’t they? Feel free to send me more praise at any time 😉


  3. Lucine P. Drake

    I’m confused. I went to the e-cloth website, and they specify that their cloths are also polyester/polyamide blend. Where did you get the info that they are 100% polyester?

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Lucine, I’m not sure which e-cloth site you went to, but the e-cloth dusting cloths are most definitely 100% polyester. It’s written on the tag (I own some and just double-checked) and it’s definitely listed that way on my website. If you have a chance, can you tell me which site you went to and I’ll point out the typo for them.

      • Elizabeth J Hinchee

        I, too, saw on Amazon that the e-cloth dusting cloth was a “positive” charge cloth. You mentioned that they were a negative charged. I couldn’t find where it said 100% polyester on the picture, just that it was a positive charge.

        • Cleaninup Kate

          I believe the description on Amazon is incorrect. Polyester has a strong tendency to pick up electrons when in contact with other materials. Dust materials like dander and hair give up electrons (become more positive) when in contact with other materials. There is a better description at this link.

  4. Priscilla

    Hi…found your blog by way of searching internet. I was wanting to compare Shaklee products (haven’t used myself yet for cleaning but know those who do & recommend them) and Norwex. Just went to my 1st Norwex demo & really liked the products…want to buy them but am waiting as I’ll either have my own show or jump in & become a consultant. I haven’t read everything on your blog yet…but I’m getting the idea you were a Norwex consultant at one time and have now switched to ecloth, is that correct. Can someone earn hostess credit w/ecloth? I’m a busy stay-at-home mom, 6 children & dog (lab). 2 children have eczema & 1 of those has acne, as well so some of the norwex cloth for skin caught my attention. What would you recommend for someone in my situation?

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Hi Priscilla – As for cloths, at this time, e-cloth only sells cleaning cloths so if you’re looking for something for acne and every day face washing, I would suggest the Norwex makeup removal cloths. You can use them daily. Their other face and body cloths are very drying and exfoliating and are only recommended for use 3-4 times/week.

      e-cloth is NOT a multi-level marketing business so you we do not sell through parties or offer hostess gifts. Personally, I believe our prices are low enough that those kinds of incentives are not required.

      You are correct in that I WAS a Norwex consultant. I gave e-cloth a try out of curiosity to “check out the competition” and was so impressed by the quality and price that I gave up my Norwex consultant status. I still like the Norwex products but believe that e-cloth offers better value for equally good cleaning products.

  5. Ashley

    So Norwex says there enviros are 1/100th the size of a hair split. What size are e-cloths? Alos how do you sale e-cloths since they’re online, and not home based?

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Hi Ashley – ecloth fibers are cut to 1/200th the diameter of a human hair. The e-cloth general purpose cloth is almost identical in size to the Norwex Enviro Cloth (I did a comparison of the two here).

      All e-cloth sales are on-line. Can I ask why you’re asking? Are you interested in becoming a retailer?

      • Marlborough

        Love your blogs. I am also curious as to how are you make money with the e-cloth. I understand the Norwex system but how do you benefit from e-cloth. Does your website make you a retailer? I’m curious and confused. Also intrigued as I was thinking about being a Norwex consultant but support your views on price. The one thing I would say that is a benefit to Norwex is you get a personalized consultant to help you navigate which is what you’re doing with this blog congrats! If you don’t mind sharing…. How did you get into selling E cloth and how does it work to make you money. Ps I see once in a while you post that people better order from you and I agree that you deserve it. I will order from you but I’m interested to know more about this!

        • Cleaninup Kate

          Hi Marlborough – I’m going to email you with some info shortly.

  6. Erin

    So…I sell Norwex and I almost wish I hadn’t read your reviews ;-). I’ve been debating whether or not to quit, but I like their body care and enzyme line too much at this point to give up the discount. Of course, the discount isn’t that much unless you have a large order and I never do. I am super frugal and just knowing that there is a better and cheaper alternative out there is painful…I will most likely advise my close friends and family to go with the e-cloth. Knowing me, I will most likely be painfully honest at a party!! If only they had a body cloth and towels!

    The dusting mitt has always been my least favorite product, but I have two of them plus one in the kid’s size so I we will keep using them. It is very nice to divide dusting among the older children. The range & stovetop e-cloth pack is something I may purchase in the future. Our shiny black gas cooktop is a nightmare to clean. Does it work well?

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Hi Erin. Hopefully I didn’t ruin your day. Giving up the Norwex discount on the enzyme products was hard for me. But l’ve spoken to some people I know that are consultants and they’ve agreed to “help me out”. Mostly the way I got Norwex stuff when I was a consultant was to tell all my friends that lived within close driving distance that I was putting an order in and asked if they wanted anything. Then I’d process the order as a party so I could get the hostess gifts. I would strategically do this when the hostess gifts were something I needed/ wanted. I’d give my friends my consultant discount so it was a win-win situation. Everything would be mailed to me and I’d deliver it. As long as I did this once every 6 months, I could get enough orders to keep my consultant status.

      I never had a party – I did all my sales to friends/family and on- line. I hate those kinds of parties so much that I could never see myself trying to sell something at one ;o).

      What is it you don’t like about the dusting mitt? I had to laugh when I saw the kids stuff come out last year. Good idea but the prices are ridiculous! Especially the mop. Sure the kids have fun with my mop but they don’t use it for long. Imagine forking out that kind of cash for a kids’ mop. INSANE!!!

      I’m working on a review of the e-cloth range and stovetop cloth. It is essentially a General Purpose cloth with some great scrubber strips (something like, but not quite like the loop side on velcro) on one side. So one side is completely microfiber. The other side is stripes of scrubby and microfiber. I have found it pretty effective on my stove and counter for cleaning up stuck stuff but I’m usually pretty diligent about cleaning messes while they’re moist so that they’re easier to clean. I’ve used it in my fridge too and it picked up some old hard syrup pretty easily. I also used it to clean the windshield on my car and a white aluminum screen door. Works like a charm to get the bugs,mud & scuff marks cleaned up and it washed the windows on the door really well too. There are 2 things that bug me about the Range and Stovetop Cloth though: 1) I’m used to the Norwex way of folding a cloth in half and then in half again. When the scrubby stripes are on the inside of the fold (i.e., when I’m using the microfiber side), I find it hard to keep the cloth folded and that’s a bit annoying to me. 2) The scrubby strips hold on to a fair amount of moisture when you wring it out. It’s not dripping but it’s wetter than a plain General Purpose cloth. So you’ll definitely want to buy the Range and Stovetop “PACK” (rather than just the cloth) so that you get the Glass & Polishing cloth with it – otherwise you’ll see some watermarks on your beautiful shiny black gas cooktop.

      I’ll just add that as a Norwex consultant, you probably have a Norwex Window Cloth. I like the e-cloth Glass & Polishing cloth more. It’s a completely different feel (closer, but not exactly like, the Norwex car cloth), glides more easily over surfaces, and I’ve noticed it cleans my bathroom mirror better. I haven’t had time to do a comparison on windows. I always found the Norwex window cloth effective, but a bit awkward to clean windows and mirrors with because it was “sticky”.

      Thanks for your comments and questions. They’re always appreciated! Kate


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