international deep clean mopIt’s Clean out the warehouse time!  We’re discontinuing the “International” Deep Clean Mop at the unbelievable price of only $29.99.

Only 46 mops available so gets yours before they’re gone.

What’s the “International” Deep Clean Mop?

It’s the same great mop as our Deep Clean Mop except that the handle is assembled in 3 pieces and is not telescopic – but good news, you can take one piece out to make it shorter so the kids can still mop with it!

And yes, it comes with one of the blue Damp Mop Pads

You read that correctly! Mop and mop pad for only $29.99 and FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

international deep clean mop disassembledFor more information – including my famous “Kate’s Comments” – please visit

Or take a peak at my review of the Deep Clean Mop.