It’s no secret that I love the e-cloth mop. I frequently post about it on facebook and I’ve got a couple of raving reviews of it here on my blog.

People ask me a lot if the mop is ever going to go on sale. Nope. It never goes on sale.

But today is your lucky day because we just came out with some bundles that will get you what you need and save you a pile of money.

1) Kate’s REAL SIMPLE Dream Pack

My absolute favourite – and I HIGHLY recommend this one to anyone(!)

Maybe you remember that Real Simple magazine named 3 of e-cloth’s products as best in their class last year? The mop, General Purpose cloth and Washing Up Pad were all ranked #1! Well, here’s your chance to get them all in a bundle and save yourself over $30!

You can clean your entire house, top to bottom – and the dishes – with this bundle.

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Real Simple dream e-cloth set

2) Basic Cleaning Set

A mop and all the little things you need, but don’t want to buy.

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ecloth basic cleaning set

3) Floor Cleaning Set

If you’ve got a lot of floor to clean or if you like having extra pads, this is the set for you!

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e-cloth floor cleaning set