Remember when you were growing up and every year your mother, or grandmother, or someone would give you underwear for Christmas?

For me, it was my mom and it was in the stocking. I’d pull it out and toss it aside without even looking at it, so I could dig further and find the good stuff. Like candy – which was usually after the underwear, but before the socks.

But now I’m older and I have to buy my own underwear. Sigh. I hate buying underwear. I wish someone would give me underwear. Oh how the tides of turned. (is that the correct phrase? Probably it should read “oh how the times have changed”. Yes, that’s definitely better. Please excuse me while I ramble on and on and on in my mind.)

Face it, who wants to spend money on underwear. It’s right up there with spending money on cleaning supplies. B-O-O-O-R-I-N-G!

Don’t you think you could just make someone’s day by getting them some cleaning supplies? (Sorry, I’m not sure whether I’m joking here or not…) Or at least get some for yourself at a kick-ass (pardon the language) price!

Look no further. E-cloth® is having it’s annual(?) Fall Buy One, Get One Free event. 2 for the price of 1 on our best-selling, ever-popular General Purpose Cloths and Glass & Polishing Cloths.

But you’ve got to act fairly quickly. Believe me when I say, these sell out quickly!

Sorry I can’t be of assistance in the underwear department but if you’re looking for good stocking-stuffers, e-cloths could be your answer (and these cloths will take up a good amount of room if you’re trying to fill big stockings!).

And now you all know what to get me for Christmas, if you were wondering 😉 But if you don’t know my underwear size, you could just share this post – it would mean a lot to me.

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