What do you do with your Norwex & e-cloths when they’re waiting to be laundered?

Please don’t say you throw them wet into a pile – my heart will break (and your microfibre cloths will get stinky!).

Sometimes mine sit, waiting, for a week or 10 days(!) before I launder them. I used to just drape them on the top of my washing machine until they were dry and then I’d throw them in the “no lint” laundry pile. But then I got wise…

After Christmas I pulled the “Command” hooks off the mantlepiece that I use for the stockings and put them on the side of my washing machine.

I know… I’m brilliant!

e-cloths waiting to be laundered

Commando hooks – with e-cloths waiting to be laundered

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering how I hang my cloths in the kitchen, check out this sweet little spinning thing Mum gave me. Who knows/cares what it’s really for.

e-cloths hanging in kitchen

If you’ve never heard of e-cloth®, welcome to a whole new world of chemical-free cleaning. Please check out ecloth.com for more information.

Wondering where my Norwex cloths are in these pictures?  They were “in use” in the bathroom.