So you’re all ghouled up in green and black makeup and you’ve got your husband dolled up in lipstick and glitter and your kids are covered in a mixture of makeup, melted chocolate and sticky, candy drool.

Now everyone’s getting a tad “testy” from the sugar high and you’ve remove-halloween-makeup-with-eclothstill got to get that freaky makeup off! Asking yourself “Why, oh why, oh WHY did I put so much makeup around kiddo’s eyes?“.

Well my friends, you can search the net for a myriad of solutions for removing Halloween makeup – or you can just dampen a General Purpose e-cloth® and wipe it all off.

Need more? Here are 3 Reasons to pull an e-cloth® out of the cleaning cabinet and start stocking it with your towels:

  1. It’s tear-free: no soap, oils, or cleansers required (think of how nice this is gonna be for around young eyes!)
  2. It’s gentle: no scrubbing, just gentle wiping
  3. It’s fast: really. So squirmy kids and grumpy husbands won’t have time to whinge about being away from their candy/scary movie.

But Kate, oh Wise One“, I hear you ask “does it work on all Halloween makeup?“. Wise girl that I am, I respond with “it most definitely works on…”:

  • faux blood
  • glitter (really, I can’t think of an easier way to get this stuff off)
  • body paint
  • lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, powders
  • fake tattoos (again, incredibly easy with the General Purpose e-cloth ®)

Happy Halloween, everyone. Have a safe and scary night. It’s supposed to be rainy and cold here so I may just forgo the makeup and sit in front of the tv with a huge bowl of candy.

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