So you did it. You went out and bought that beautiful, gigantic, HD, flat-screen, LCD or Plasma television. And while you were setting it up, you got fingerprints all over the screen. Or while you weren’t looking, your kid who just ate a piece of toast with jam started poking at the funny red monster. Or the dog jumped up and tried to lick the Big Mac off the screen.

Can I Clean my Television with an e-cloth or Norwex?

Hmmm, how to clean those fingerprints off? You’ve heard great things about microfiber and how it cleans with just water so that must be safe, right?

don't use just any microfiber cloth for cleaning lcd and plasma screensSTOP! Many kinds of microfiber cloths (or dusters like Swiffer) can ruin your plasma or LCD screen. They can remove the protective coating and are just shaggy enough that they’ll pick up fine grains of sand and dust that will scratch the screen.

So don’t use any microfiber cloth, duster, window or polishing cloth that is not made specifically for cleaning screens. As an example, e-cloth has run tests and found that even our finely woven Glass & Polishing cloth can remove up to 70% of the protective coating on tv and computer screens.

But don’t worry. e-cloth to the rescue. The e-cloth electronics cloth comes with a spray that cleans and protects your precious screen and a finely woven microfiber cloth that won’t harm the screen.

If you’re a die-hard fan of Norwex, only the optics cloth should be used on your television. It’s about triple the price of the e-cloth electronics cloth though.

How to Clean your TV or Computer Screen with e-cloth

  1. Wipe the screen with the Screen Cleaning e-cloth – This gentle cloth will clean off the dust and dirt
  2. For sticky bits or persistent fingerprints, slightly dampen the electronics cloth and wipe again.
  3. Get yourself a beer or a cuppa tea and enjoy that show you’ve been waiting for.