Oh Where Oh Where Could that Doggie Puke Be?

If you wake up in the middle of the night and you hear that guttural “wuh-u-wuh-u-wuh-u” sound, your dog is likely throwing up.

But… what if you search your house high and low – even in the favoured throw up spots like on the only carpet and behind the recliner – and can’t find any?

Do you start making up stories? Like:

  • Maybe I was dreaming
  • Maybe the dog ate it (sadly this is not unusual in my home)
  • Maybe my darling husband cleaned it

Well get out of la-la-land and get searching because you KNOW darned well that dog puke is somewhere. And if you don’t find it for 4 days(!), it’s gonna be a hardened mess.

Listen to me! I’m speaking from experience.

Yesterday I went to water our prized Jade Plant when… what to my wondering eyes should appear… but big chunks of rotting apple and dried bile, my dear!

Hardened like shellac onto our ancient wood floor.

Hidden "Gem". Hardened dog throw-up behind the plant.

Hidden “Gem”. Hardened dog throw up behind the plant.

And now you must ask yourself how to clean it. Well, tell your dog to move over because your new best friend is the Range & Stovetop e-cloth.

How to Clean Up Dog Puke

  1. Stick your hand into a plastic bag and use it like a glove to pick up/peel the chunks off the floor. Flip the bag carefully off your hand so the gunk stays in the bag.
  2. If the throw up is fresh (i.e.,  not solidified), skip to step 4.
  3. If the throw-up is old and hardened, dampen your Range & Stovetop e-cloth and, using the scrubby side, wipe in a small, circular motion to loosen the “glue”.  The scrubbers are safe for all surfaces and won’t damage your floor but are really good for loosening really stuck on stuff. The microfibre strips between the scrubbers will pick up a lot of the loosened bleck.
  4. Use the microfibre side of the Range & Stovetop e-cloth to wipe the floor. e-cloth® microfibre is safe on all surfaces and removes over 99.9% of bacteria from smooth surfaces.
  5. Give your e-cloth a good rinse in hot water and then set it aside to be laundered.

If you feel you need a closer look at any of the photos above, just click on them.

Note that you won’t need sprays or disinfectants if you use an e-cloth to clean up dog throw up. The e-cloth will pick up everything! You’ll probably even notice that you don’t need deodorizer.

PS – if you’re unlucky enough to find the dog puke on a carpet or upholstered furniture, try a damp High Performance Dusting Cloth instead of the Range & Stovetop e-cloth. The HP Dusting Cloth has long fibres that will pick “stuff” out of the upholstery.

Looking at my Jade Plant, I see my next installment of Cleaning 101 might be How to Clean your Plants

use an ecloth to clean a dusty plant