Update: you’re probably wondering why I’m adding this post in November. Obviously I’m not using sunscreen on a freezing, cloudy day in Nov. Somehow I forgot to post this way back in July. At least I can smile about it now. There was most definitely no smiling back then.

In hindsight, it probably would have been a good idea to stop giving Remy the sunscreen bottle as a “distraction” toy when he figured out how to open it.

Somehow, it ended up in our stroller. Somehow, the bottle was opened. Somehow, the heat of the sun transformed it into a liquid. Somehow, it ended up all over the seat of the stroller. And up the sides. And all over Remy’s cloths. And in his hair.

But no worries. Here’s how you clean up spilled sunscreen with e-cloth microfiber:

  1. Take a dry General Purpose e-cloth and soak up as much of the sunscreen as you can. Blot instead of rub if it’s spilled onto fabric so that you actually soak it up instead of rub it into whatever you’re cleaning.
  2. Dampen the General Purpose e-cloth and continue blotting/rub gently.

PS – of course this will work with a Norwex microfiber cloth as well, but it’ll cost you more 😉

PPS – The General Purpose e-cloth is also really good for getting sunscreen off your skin at the end of the day.