Just when I thought I could call myself a cleaning rock star, I somehow got a glimpse of the top of the wood trim over my bedroom doorway.

Eeeee-yeah, the trim over doors and windows. Who ever thinks to clean there? Is it really necessary? And how DO you clean it without the years of dust falling to the floor?

I’m so glad you asked…

Take your wonderful e-cloth dusting cloth -you know, the one that was made just for jobs like this – and run it along the top of the door or window. Here’s what mine looked like after 2 doors and 1 window…ecloth dusting cloth is wonderful for dusting the trim above doors and windows

Look at that dust! And the amazing thing is that NO dust fell off the edge of the trim. The cloth got it all.

You can just see the folds in the cloth where I had it folded into quarters. I used one quarter for each door/window.

Take a minute and dust yours. You’ll be amazed. And you’ll feel good about your super-clean house, you rock star, you!

Warning: If you try this with the Norwex Dusting Mitt, make sure that the piping along the edge of the mitt does NOT touch the dusty trim of the door, otherwise it’s going to push the dust right off the trim and into your face.