If you’re foolish enough to give your cranky 1-year-old a container of yogurt after he’s already pushed everything else aside and he throws it, splattering yogurt all over the wall, computer, keyboard,  and floor:

  1. turn your head away and mouth a few choice words
  2. wipe up most of the mess with a General Purpose e-cloth BUT NOT THE COMPUTER SCREEN (the GP cloth will remove any protective coating on the screen). You can use the General Purpose e-cloth dry or damp.
  3. wipe up the computer screen with the e-cloth screen cleaning cloth (you may need the spray afterwards)
  4. rinse out the General Purpose cloth and wipe the hands and face of the cranky 1-year-old. Chances are you’ll need to use it in his hair too.
  5. take the ex-cranky, now laughing, 1-year-old out of booster seat and tickle the dickens out of him.

When you have a moment afterwards, rinse both cloths in hot water with a bit of dish soap and then hot water with no soap and hang to dry (or launder them). Ready for the next mess.

e-cloth screen cleaning packYou may want to follow up on the computer screen with a spritz or two of the CleanSafe Screen Cleaning spray. It cleans and adds a thin layer of protection.

For more information and everything e-cloth, visit eclothusa.com.