If you’re foolish enough to give your cranky 1-year-old a container of yogurt after he’s already pushed everything else aside and he throws it, splattering yogurt all over the wall, computer, keyboard,  and floor:

  1. turn your head away and mouth a few choice words
  2. wipe up most of the mess with a General Purpose e-cloth BUT NOT THE COMPUTER SCREEN (the GP cloth will remove any protective coating on the screen). You can use the General Purpose e-cloth dry or damp.
  3. wipe up the computer screen with the e-cloth electronics cloth (try to keep one corner of the cloth clean to “polish” the screen with after you’ve got all the yogurt gone)
  4. rinse out the General Purpose cloth and wipe the hands and face of the cranky 1-year-old. Chances are you’ll need to use it in his hair too.
  5. take the ex-cranky, now laughing, 1-year-old out of booster seat and tickle the dickens out of him.

When you have a moment afterwards, rinse both cloths in hot water with a bit of dish soap and then hot water with no soap and hang to dry (or launder them). Ready for the next mess.

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