Kate's near empty fridge. A perfect time to clean it with an ecloth!

Kate’s near empty fridge. A perfect time to clean it with an ecloth!

Cleaning your fridge with e-cloth (or Norwex) is inconceivably easy but there are 3 things that you absolutely must do before you start:

1) Tell your loving husband not to take offence when you tell him “get out of my way, you won’t do it right.”

2) Tell same loving husband to keep the kids (especially if they are boys 3.5 yrs and 1 yr) out of the kitchen for 5 minutes.

3) Put some baby gates up because your husband is sure to fail step 2 (and this is where things went wrong for me)

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the mess in my fridge that pre-empted (I don’t think that needs a hyphen but it looks odd without one) the major cleaning last week. We had just gotten home and needed to make a quick meal so my thoughts were on getting it clean, not taking pics. NOTE: The picture above was taken on a completely other day when the fridge was almost empty – another great time to give it a wipe-down with an e-cloth!)

But, I can tell you that I opened the fridge and said “is that blood?. There was this blood-red liquid under the veggie drawers at the bottom of the fridge. Upon closer inspection, I could see it all over 2 of the shelves and along the back. What the heck. Turns out it was just black olive juice.

Don’t take the words “just black olive juice” lightly though. Because there was a LOT of it and oil, which had separated from the brine and hardened into flat discs throughout the fridge and melted into an oily mess as soon as you touched them.

This could have been the ruin of my day (well, actually it was a little frustrating, but it had less to do with the olive juice than it did with the added messes made by the almost 1 yr old boy who was repeatedly allowed into the kitchen – by the loving husband who ignored Rule 2 – to grab bottles from the door of the fridge and open and spill the contents). But, I pulled out my trusty General Purpose e-cloth and was done in a matter of minutes.

3 Steps to Cleaning your Fridge with e-cloth Microfibre:

  1. If you’ve got a liquid spill like I had, start with a dry General Purpose e-cloth and sop up the mess. The microfibre is incredibly absorbent so you’ll have that sopped up in no time.
  2. Once the spill is sopped up, dampen the General Purpose e-cloth (or if you’ve got some sticky stuff like dried up jam or sauces, you might want to try something with a scrubber like the Kitchen e-cloth or the Range & Stovetop e-cloth) and fold it in half and in half again so you’ve got 8 sides to use.
  3. Pick up items in the fridge one-by-one and wipe the bottom of them and the shelf under them. There is no need to empty the fridge to clean the shelves. And since you’re not using any sprays or soap, there’s nothing to rinse.
  4. Did I say 3 steps? I meant 4. When you get to the point where your e-cloth is saturated or all 8 sides are dirty, rinse it out and continue.

You can probably clean the entire inside of your fridge (drawers and all) in about 10 minutes.

3 Great Things about Cleaning your Fridge with e-cloth

  1. e-cloth wipes up spills, oil, grease, and sticky stuff easily and doesn’t spread it around
  2. e-cloth picks up over 99% of bacteria
  3. you don’t need any sprays or soap to clean with e-cloth so there’s no worry of contaminating food and no rinsing! Just wiping!

So now my fridge is sparkling clean – even the drawers – and I had placed all the olive containers inside a big plastic container so if they spill the mess is contained. But… Loving husband came home late from work one night and had olives and neglected to put the container back in the plastic container. So I’ll have to have a word or two with him.