Yup, you read that right. Cookie Sneeze.

I could blame this on one of the kids but I do try to be honest. Driving to the afternoon’s activity, I’m happily munching on a chocolate chip cookie, singing Raffi tunes to the kids. I’ve got one hand on the wheel and one hand just picked up a hot drink to wash down the cookie when suddenly, and I mean suddenly, I sneeze.

Not some lady-like, dainty, whispery, high-pitched little “shoo” of a sneeze. No, this wasstarts-at-your-toes-and works-its-way-up-your-body-epic-head-crashing-thunder, sneeze.

Cookie-and-hot-drink-all-over-the-windshield-and-dash, sneeze.

I was laughing so hard afterwards that I had to pull over and nearly had an entirely different kinda mess to clean up. But I’d NEVER admit to that.

So I had a bit of clean up to do when I got home. Ordinarily, I’d just use the window pack to clean the inside of my windshield, but since there were some pretty substantial bits of cookie and melted chocolate, I decided to go with a General Purpose cloth to do the cleaning and a Glass & Polishing cloth for the finishing touch.

Some people like to spritz the windshield and dash with water and then wipe but in my mind, that’s just an extra thing to carry around so I dampen the General Purpose cloth and wipe clean.

I find the Glass & Polishing cloth glides over the glass more easily if the surface is still slightly damp so I do the windshield in sections – Karate Kid style – with the General Purpose cloth in one hand and the Glass & Polishing cloth in the other.

I now have an absolutely filthy car with spotless windshield and dash.