Zander and I have had a little routine for the past week or so of sitting on the front lawn eating cherries after Remy goes to bed. His method of getting the pit out is not…quite…perfected…

How to Clean Cherry or Berry Juice Stains from Skin

To clean that mess of cherry juice up, I just use a damp General Purpose e-cloth. I keep the cloth out there with us to do occasional wiping as he’s eating and then one major wipe when he’s done. No soap required, the e-cloth cleans it all up easily (Warning: be careful when wiping skin with microfibre cloths as they are brilliant exfoliators and can irritate skin so wipe gently and as little as possible).

The Best Way to Clean Cherry or Berry Juice Stains from Clothing and Fabric

Getting the cherry (or any type of berry) juice out of his cloths is a different matter. You can blot some up with the General Purpose e-cloth, but I find my mom’s trick easier.

Put the clothes (shorts in this case) into the sink and pour boiling water on the juice spots from at least 6 inches above the stain. Presto-disappearo, juice stains are gone. Do the boiling water trick BEFORE you launder the clothes.