Oh how my body hates the annual “spring forward“.  Sure the extra hour of light in the evenings is nice and mentally I can accept the change – but physically, my body rebels. That one night with one less hour of sleep tests me for at least a week.

In the midst of my un-rested daze yesterday, Mark reminded me that changing our clocks means it’s also time to change the batteries in our smoke detectors.  Which is probably a good thing since last night our oven was spewing smoke as I baked a batch of cookies and the smoke detectors did not detect.

Yes, I burnt the cookies.  I don’t know how.  They were in there for less than the recommended time.  I hate baking.  It was a tiring day with one less hour to get things done and all I wanted was 6 or 8 choc-chip-oatmeal cookies after a huge dinner.  Is that so much to ask for?

I swear it’s our oven.

Anyway, the thick smoke that crept through our house was not just burnt cookies.  It was mostly burnt oven.  My oven is a disgrace.  It came with the house and is grey – which is ugly but has the benefit of hiding dirt more efficiently than a white one – and has only been cleaned twice since we bought the place 10 years ago.

I’ve got an open can of commercial oven cleaner that I used 6 years ago.  I’ve also got 3 unopened cans of the same cleaner that I bought right after I cleaned the oven last time – when I said to myself “this job sucks, I’ve got to do it more frequently so the crap doesn’t build up”.

Good intentions.

But now I’ve got this Norwex oven cleaner.  It’s “green” and all natural and from what I hear, doesn’t have the harsh fumes of commercial brands.  And since I’m selling the stuff and committed to giving reviews, I’ve got to clean my darned oven.

But not today.  And probably not tomorrow (it’s supposed to be sunny and 12 degrees tomorrow – who’s gonna stay in during beautiful spring weather like that?).  But Wednesday is looking good.  And mark my words, I’ll be posting a little diddy about it.

For you people that are making your own household cleaners, I was thinking of trying baking soda to clean half my oven then I could have a little “green cleaner-off”.  Came upon this link “clean your oven with baking soda” and it just seems like too much of a pain in the butt.  Especially the part where it says “continue this process over several hours“.  Are you NUTS?  So I’m not going to do it.  I’m into “green”, but not if it takes all day.  Gotta better way? Please let me know.

So, my oven will be cleaned this week (oh God what have I gotten myself into) and a review of the Norwex Oven and Grill cleaner will follow.