cyber monday at eclothusa.comIt feels like all I’m posting about is sales these days.  But gee-whiz, e-cloth is having some great sales lately.

If it wasn’t a Cyber Monday sale, I’d call it the “Best e-cloth GIFTS” sale.  These products are things that you want but don’t necessarily want to buy for yourself.  They make awesome gifts – so SHARE THIS SALE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND DROP A FEW HINTS 🙂

What’s on Sale?

 30% Off all Luxury Bath and Body Products!

Kids love the e-body luxury bath towel2Here’s Remy in the Luxury Bath Towel.  Isn’t he sweet?  He and Zander fight over this towel.  It’s ooooooh, soooo, soooooft.

Kate’s Top 3 Bath & Body Picks:

  1. Luxury Bath Towel
  2. Exfoliating Body Mitt
  3. Hair Turban

All the body products are fantastic, but those three are my favs! Visit for more info on all the body products.

30% Off all Pet Care Products!

ecloth microfiber pet grooming mittHere’s Roxy LOVING the Pet Grooming Mitt. She can’t get enough of that thing!

Kate’s Top 3 Pet Care Picks:

  1. Pet Grooming Mitt
  2. Pet Cleaning & Drying Towel
  3. Aquarium & Vivarium Pack (this is a weird one, but it’s a great set that can be used ALL over the house and now it’s on sale, so scoop it up!)

For more info or to see all the Pet Care products on sale, visit

 30% Off all Car Care Products!

auto care products at eclothusa.comThis is NOT my car, but crap I wish it was.  how cool would I be driving that around?

The e-auto products are great for all your motorized contraptions – cars, boats, bikes, planes, trucks, etc.

Kate’s Top 3 Car Care Picks:

  1. Glass & Chrome Polishing cloth (must-have for car interiors!)
  2. Dual Action Mitt
  3. Car Cleaning Cloth (for those of you looking for a larger version of our famous General Purpose cloth, this is it!)

For more info on these – and all the e-auto products on sale – please visit

What are Kate’s Picks?

Don’t get me wrong, all the sale items are fantastic! But I realize that we can’t have it all.  The items I’ve picked out above are my top three favs from each product line and the one’s I’d recommend as gifts.  You likely don’t need any of these items, but you will LOVE them!