Kate Resigned from Norwex

Well, if you haven’t already heard, I officially resigned as a Norwex Consultant.

Are those GASPS I hear? Oh the shock! The horror! “Is she out of her mind?“, I hear you ask.

Possibly I am out of my mind – because I made a nice commission from all those high-priced Norwex products.  And let’s face it, I LIKE the Norwex products. I like them a lot. Just ask my friends.

But you see, a nifty-thrifty little bird whispered in my ear “pssst. Hey, KATE, pssst. HEY, PSSSSSSSSST KATE! (sometimes I’m hard of hearing). You know, e-cloth is just as good as Norwex but it’s so much cheaper.”

I ignored the little bird for a while. Then I started getting questions from my friendly blog readers (like you) about e-cloth and I realized I simply must try it.

It’s no secret now that I liked e-cloth (check out my review of Norwex versus e-cloth® mops – that’s just the beginning). So just like the Remington guy, I liked e-cloth so much that I bought the company. OK, I did NOT buy the company, I just agreed to become an on-line retailer. I WISH I had bought the company.

Update January 2019 – Changes at e-cloth mean that I can no longer operate/run my own website (you’ll remember eclothusa.com). I am now an affiliate and am – as always – happy to answer and any all of your ecloth questions.

UPDATE: Dec. 8, 2018

The US distribution rights for e-cloth were sold earlier this year.  Under the new management, I (Kate) am no longer able to have my own e-cloth website. But don’t worry. This isn’t the end for me.  I am now an affiliate. I will continue my honest reviews and providing answers to your microfibre questions to the best of my ability.

Now obviously I’m not doing this for free. I still get a nice commission on my e-cloth® referrals. But I can now sell promote it with peace of mind, knowing that my friends, family – AND YOU, my friendly readers –  are getting a quality product, that will last for years, at a really fair price.

I’ve tried to be as honest and unbiased as possible with my Norwex Reviews and I like to think that my readers have gotten some valuable information out of them and that I’ve helped customers make an informed decision about the Norwex products. You all know by now that there are some Norwex products that I like (a LOT) and some that I don’t like and some that, well… are just too darned expensive for what they are.

I’ve gotten a lot of flack from other Norwex Consultants for some of my “bad” reviews (not necessarily HATE mail, but strong “dislike” mail), but hey, I like to be honest.

So believe me when I say that I firmly believe that e-cloth® products perform as well as, and are of equally high quality, as Norwex. I wouldn’t use them – or recommend them to my friends and family – if I didn’t like them. Of course there are some e-cloth® products that I’m not particularly fond of and I’ll let you know all about them as I get the time to write more posts. Keep your eyes posted here for future reviews.

So, an unfortunate part of my switch from Norwex to e-cloth is that I’ve got to go through my blog posts and get rid of the links to my old Norwex sales website. I’m doing it bit by bit. In the meantime, if you click on one, you’ll be directed to my new e-cloth site. I apologize for this but I’m doing my best to correct it.

UPDATE: Dec 8., 2018

Well, now a similar disclaimer, almost 7 years later. I’m going through the blog and removing links to my website (now discontinued) and updating them to the main ecloth.com site.  If you happen across an old link (either to my very old Norwex site, or my slightly old e-cloth site), please do let me know!

In the meantime, if you have ANY questions about e-cloth® please feel free to check out ecloth.com or post a question here.

I truly look forward to hearing from you!

Interested in Becoming an e-cloth Affiliate?

Due to very popular demand, here is a link to the e-cloth Affiliate Program.

Question: Kate, do you get a commission or a reward of any kind for referring people to the Affiliate program?

Answer: No. But I do like them to know how you found about it, so PLEASE TELL THEM I SENT YOU