universal stoneAs a little test, I took my jar of Universal Stone out to meet our 14 year old Toyota 4-Runner today. I’m up in Canada, where they use salt on the roads in the winter, so rust… will… happen.

Overall, my old truck is in pretty darned good condition, but over the past year, we’ve gotten a fair bit of rust on the chrome bumpers. Take a look (please, please, PLEASE don’t comment on how dirty the rest of the truck is: I know 🙁   ) …

rusty chrome on 2000 4-Runner

I was mighty impressed with how quickly and easily the Universal Stone took rust off the chrome. Within 5-7 seconds – and with absolutely no elbow grease or pressure –  the rust was almost completely removed! See?

Gee, if you look closely, you’ll even see a warped view of me. Darn it! I’ve got to be more careful about that. I can’t be letting you know what I look like. Hee hee!

But… if you click on either of the pictures above, you can also see that there are a couple of spots that still have some rust – particularly at the bottom of the corner bit. That’s because…

I Ran into a Slight Problem

The rust in most of the spots was so bad that the chrome had jagged holes in it and the sharp edges of the jags were pulling and tearing on the sponge. And I only have one sponge: so no way was I going to sacrifice it here.

Problem Solved

But… e-cloth Car Washing Sponge to the rescue. One side of the Car Washing Sponge has little, non-scratch scrubbers on it and it worked perfectly along with the Universal Stone to get rid of the rest of the rust. Take a look at this!

Go ahead and click on those pictures. That’ll make them bigger and you’ll see how rust-free the bumper is. You’ll also see a clear line separating the areas that I cleaned and didn’t.

e-cloth car washing spongeAgain, next to no elbow grease was needed.

There is still a bit of rust on the bottom corner but that area was very delicate and I dared not put any pressure into the scrubbing for fear it would crumble.

Seeing how well the Car Washing Sponge worked, I started to wonder if it would have worked on the rust by itself. Which lead to:

Kate’s “Scientific” Test

I tried cleaning some rust with JUST the Car Washing sponge (i.e., no Universal Stone)

The sponge alone worked OK to get rid of some rust but the it didn’t remove the rust “stains”. You can see the “before” rust at the far left side of the bumper

some rust on left side of bumper

“Before” rust at far left side of bumper

And here’s what it looked like afterwards. Obviously the scrubbers on the car washing sponge aren’t enough to remove rust on their own.

rust on chrome bumper after using car sponge alone

This looks like a job for Universal Stone!

For more information on Universal Stone and to see all the other things you can clean with it, visit eclothusa.com and/or check out my previous post on it.