Just in case, like me, you’re sitting at your computer all day looking online for Black Friday sales, here are a few deals we’re offering at eclothusa.com.

Black-Friday-Deals at eclothusa.com


international deep clean mop disassembled25% off the Deep Clean Mop International

Chosen as “Best Washable Mop” by Real Simple Magazine

This is the same great mop except that the handle comes apart into three pieces (leave one piece out for the kiddos) instead of being telescopic.

I have less than 15 of these left so act fast! More info…

kitchenUK-pack50% Off UK Kitchen Pack

This is the same as our usual Kitchen Pack except the colour of the polishing cloth (green instead of blue), which in my opinion is a bonus!

Safe on all counters, stovetops and appliances.

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ecloth 2 for 1 General Purpose cloths BOGO General Purpose Cloths

Buy one, get one! These cloths are amazing and can be used throughout the house for everything from everyday wiping of counters and tables, to dusting, to deep cleaning of tubs and sinks, to spot cleaning spills in carpets.

I am absolutely in love with the brown one that’ll hide stains!

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