Have you seen my house?  It’s old. Really old.  Here’s a picture from 1877, a few years after it was built. That is NOT me on the porch 😉

kate's old houseYou get the idea. My house is old.  And it’s dusty.  Little bits of my house are falling apart and floating around in the air until they can find a piece of furniture to land on.

And then, a few weeks ago, they started digging up my street.

kate's construction supervisors

kate's dusty roadI’ll admit that I don’t hate it. The men are friendly and very accommodating when we need to get in or out PLUS, it’s hours of entertainment for the boys. Better than TV, I tell ya.

But oh MAN, the dust!

I dusted one morning and this is what my dresser looked like by the afternoon…

dusty dresserConstruction went on and on for a few weeks and I started wishing we’d get a little rain just to keep the dust down.

I did NOT wish for inches of rain.

But that’s what we got and now I’m battling a whole different beast.

Thankfully my e-cloths are keeping me at least partially sane. I’ve discovered the absolute 2 e-cloth MUST-HAVES for living through construction:

  1. Dusting e-cloths (2-pack) – these little babies are picking up everything! They pick up the dust instead of spreading it around.  Some people prefer the High Performance Dusting Cloth. It has longer fibres on one side that are better for getting into cracks and it can be used damp, unlike the dusting cloths. Personally, I haven’t found much difference between the two and with sooooo much dust, I want a couple of cloths so the fact that the Dusting e-cloths come in a 2-pack tips the scale for me. When I’m done, I take them outside and shake the dickens (and dust) out of them. Depending on how they look, I use them again or put them aside to be laundered. Read my full RAVING review of the e-cloth dusting cloth.
  2. Deep Clean Mop – this has absolutely been a saving grace through the construction. During the “dusty” phase, I was primarily using the Dust Mop Pad. Like the dusting e-cloths, this pad picks up all the dust. No spreading around of dust. No flying around of dust like you get with a traditional mop. No lugging around of a vacuum. When I’m done, I just take it outside and brush it off, ready to start again… and during construction, I WILL need to start again 😉  Now that it’s muddy as all heck, I’ve switched to the Damp Pad (comes with the mop).  It cleans up the muddy doggie prints in a jiffy then I just rinse it out and wait for the next round. Both pads can be brushed off/rinsed out and used several times before needing to be laundered. Read my full review of the Deep Clean Mop.