ImageJust wanted to let you know that we’ve had the Bathroom e-cloth on sale for quite some time now and people LOVE it.  It’s one of my best-sellers, for sure.

But all good things must come to an end and we’ve now got less than 50 of these beauties left.  When these are gone, the sale will be over and the price will go back up to $7.99 from $5.99.

What is the Bathroom e-cloth?  Well, it’s essentially the same as our General Purpose e-cloth except the fibers are a bit longer.  

What do longer fibers do?  Longer fibers mean the cloth absorbs more and it’s easier to get into the little spaces around faucets and into grout around tiles.

We’ve also still got some of the 2 for 1 General Purpose and Glass & Polishing e-cloths available.  

To take a closer look at the bathroom cloth, including my famous (ha ha!) “Kate’s Comments”, click here.

To see all sale items, visit the sale page.