Last night I was sitting on my front porch enjoying a beer when I see a dog – off the leash – walk up onto my front lawn and take a dump.

What’s this now?“, I ask myself.

I haven’t seen this dog before and I’m wondering who the a-hole is that’s letting his dog go free to poop on my lawn. Then his owner comes walking up the sidewalk.

At the risk of stereotyping, I’ll tell you… the owner is a 20-something male, dressed in a white tank top, a sideways “ball” cap, and his pants are hanging low.

There is no way in hell this guy is going to pick that poop up!“, I say to myself.

Remember, I’m sitting on my porch. It’s open but people don’t usually look up at it as they walk by, so they seldom notice me. This guy most definitely didn’t notice me.

But Gee Whillikers, he actually pulled a bag out of his back pocket, bent over, and picked that darned dog poop up!

Imagine me sitting there, nodding my head with raised eyebrows and with a cartoon bubble-cloud above my head that says “Well, waddya know!“.

I chastised myself by being so judgmental and vowed to change (a bit) as I watched him saunter down the street… and bend over and dump the poop – bag and all – down the catch basin!

Moral of the story: never underestimate my ability to spot a S_ _ _head.


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