After much consideration – and months of in-home testing and scrutinizing – I am convinced that e-cloth® offers a product that is equal in quality and performance to Norwex but is more reasonably priced. I still stand behind my review of the Norwex Enviro cloth, but the e-cloth® General Purpose cloth performs just as well - and is of equally high quality - at a fraction of the price.

We have one ceiling fan in our house. It’s in the room that USED to be our kitchen and is now (and has been for the past several years) just a gutted depository for everything from tools to the vacuum to golf clubs to the recycling to a new toilet. The new toilet is now over two years old. Still in the box. Waiting for the new bathroom. Sigh.

Anyway, so we have this ceiling fan. And I can see a very thick layer of dust and many “bunnies” on it. On closer inspection – using my step-ladder – I see under the dust is a layer of grease?

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to tackle this job. I started off dusting the fan with the Enviro Cloth dry. Surprisingly, all of the dust and most of the grime came off by just dusting. And the dust was IN the Enviro Cloth – not falling off the fan onto the floor. Next, I brushed the dust off the Enviro Cloth, wet it and wiped the fan.

The whole process – including a trip to the new kitchen to wet the cloth (a trip that wouldn’t have been necessary if the new bathroom was installed) – took 5 minutes and the fan looks like new.

If you’re looking for an even better duster (I know, it’s hard to believe that dusting can get better), you may want to try the e-cloth dusting cloths.