After much consideration – and months of in-home testing and scrutinizing – I am convinced that e-cloth® offers a product that is equal in quality and performance to Norwex but is more reasonably priced. I still stand behind my review of the Norwex Enviro cloth, but the e-cloth® General Purpose cloth performs just as well - and is of equally high quality - at a fraction of the price.

There aren’t many jobs that are easier than wiping the knobs/handles and front of kitchen cabinets and yet… it often gets overlooked at my place. Until I feel dried on food on a knob or see splashed messes on the cupboards.

My husband and I spent countless hours sanding and painting our kitchen cupboards a few years ago. After all that effort, I’ll be darned if I’m gonna use any chemicals to clean them.

With a damp Enviro Cloth, I’m able to clean all the doors, handles and knobs in my kitchen in less than 5 minutes and since I’m only using water, I don’t have to worry about ruining the paint job.