After much consideration – and months of in-home testing and scrutinizing – I am convinced that e-cloth® offers a product that is equal in quality and performance to Norwex but is more reasonably priced. I still stand behind my review of the Norwex Enviro cloth, but the e-cloth® General Purpose cloth performs just as well - and is of equally high quality - at a fraction of the price.

Someone in my house is waking up from his nap so I’ve got to keep this short and sweet today.

  1. To keep the upholstery on your dining room chairs (or any furniture for that matter) looking fresh, wipe it gently (NO SCRUBBING) with a damp Enviro Cloth.
  2. To remove stains from upholstery, carpet or clothing, spray the stain with water and wipe gently (again, NO SCRUBBING) with a damp Enviro cloth.
  3. For tough, set in stains, you may have to repeat several times over a week or so but you WILL see that stain disappear.

The Enviro Cloth is great for removing pet stains, grease, makeup, dirt and grime and food.

Looking at the picture, it seems like this post should have been more along the lines of vacuuming dog hair… sigh.