Black Friday Sale at

As you may know, we just moved back from Japan a couple of weeks ago. My mind is reeling and I’m having a bit of trouble adjusting to life in Canada. My sleep is seriously messed up and I keep turning the wipers on in the car instead of the turn signal (a symptom of too long driving on the left side of the road).

My house is a filthy disaster of boxes, packing paper and stuff that I can’t find a spot for.  Oh, and a WHOLE lot of pottery. I may have gone a bit overboard with the pottery purchases in Japan.

But enough about me, it’s time to shop.  The Black Friday Sale at e-cloth is officially on and there are some really great savings on some of my favourite e-cloths (read that as “the most useful e-cloths”).

No coupon code required, so shop on!

Sale ends Midnight (EST) November 26, 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 3.02.56 PMshop-now-button



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2 Responses to Black Friday Sale at

  1. Cyndi says:

    Kate, I appreciate your frank research. Could you tell me what you know about the Norwex mattress cleaner? Effective or not?


    • Cyndi – I honestly don’t know. I had some years ago and used most of it on my dog beds, hoping it would keep the smell down. Personally, in the months that I used it, I didn’t notice any difference. Maybe it was doing something but I really had no way of knowing. I did NOT notice a decrease in the smell of the beds so I never bought another bottle. Maybe someone with environmental allergies would notice more of a change.



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