e-cloth® Black Friday Sale


Happy be-lated Thanksgiving to all my American friends.  And all my Canadian friends too for that matter.  As you may know, we’ve been living in Japan for the last 5 months. The boys are at an international school and today they had a huge turkey dinner with all the trimmings AND pumpkin pie.  If you’ve been to Japan, you will know that such a meal is very difficult to  whip up over here.  Being Canadians, the feast was a month and a half late, but hey, the boys were happy to gobble it up.

But enough about food, it’s time to shop.  The Black Friday Sale at e-cloth is officially on.  Some of the prices are incredible.  Check out the “crushed box sale” on the scouring cloth – it’s ridiculously low!… and the 2 for 1 deal on the Luxury Bath Towels – too good to pass up! HOW MUCH DOES KATE LOVE THIS TOWEL??? Read my review here! and here!



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