Call me Crazy but…

handwashing floors is easy with eclothI know this is crazy and doesn’t make any sense, but this morning I was too lazy to walk to the mudroom to get my mop so I washed my kitchen floor by hand with a General Purpose e-cloth.

  • No, our house isn’t huge.
  • No, it wouldn’t have taken me more than 45 seconds to walk back there and get it.
  • Yes, my mind works in odd ways.

But, you know what?  It’s darned easy – and I dare say very satisfying – to hand wash a floor with an e-cloth (although while down there, I realized that it’s long past time to give the toe kicks a good cleaning too).

My trusty green e-cloth got pretty dirty (but remarkably, there were very few dog hairs on the floor.  Odd) so I set it to soak for a while in the sink and then put it by the washing machine to be laundered.

2 Reasons to Hand Wash your Floor with e-cloth

  1. It’s very satisfying – ok, this is a pretty lame reason but a list of only one reason seems sad.
  2. If you’re wondering if you should splurge on the Deep Clean Mop – I get a lot of inquiries about the performance of the Deep Clean Mop and whether I think people should get one.  My best suggestion is to try hand washing your floors with a General Purpose e-cloth.  If you find the cloth works well – and are amazed at how easily  and how much dirt it picks up – then you’ve got a very good idea of how well the mop will work.  Only the mop is much, much easier. Especially on large areas.

I had that floor washed by 7:30 am! So of course then I felt like I didn’t really have to do anything else today. So I sat down with a cup of tea and ate a handful of chocolates.  Good old Christmas 😉

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2 Responses to Call me Crazy but…

  1. JennX says:

    I have 2 kids ages 1 and almost 3, soo my kitchen floor is trashed daily and on daddy day it’s a miracle when we can even see the actual floor. Dried on who knows what that’s been coated in cheerio dust. My kitchen and bathroom are small so if I want to deep clean I do it by hand. Mops are to bulky and cant get around and behind the toilet so I end up doing that by hand every time anyway. I swiffer regularly but when I want it deep cleaned I do it by hand. I’m sure norwex/ecloth mops are different and make cleaning easier, but I don’t really like using mops because you just can’t scrub with them when you need to. While I may switch to the mop after all my swiffer pads are gone, if I still preferred to wash my encrusted floors by hand which cloth should I use?
    Also I have a norwex body/face cloth and really love it. Does ecloth have something similar? All I’ve seen are those body mitts. Mitts to me are gross….. it’s probably a mental thing… I’d really prefer a cloth.
    Lastly, I want my house to smell good after I clean, like a lemon exploded. Is there a natural cleaner or spray or oil or anything I can use that will not mess up the cloths but leave my kitchen smelling like eucalyptus and lemon were married in holy matrimony in my kitchen/bathroom?


    • JennX – I typically use a General Purpose cloth for hand washing floors but… if you’ve got dried up crusty stuff, the Stainless Steel cloth is my fav. I use it often to clean up dried dog drool (which is like dried glue on the floor). It has little stripes of scrubbers on one side. The other side is essentially a General Purpose cloth.

      For body washing, e-cloth only offers the mitts. I once asked if we could get some smaller, body cloths similar to the Norwex ones but I was told that because of the longer fibers on those cloths, they can be too drying/exfoliating on the skin and without proper use, damage to the skin could result. As such, e-cloth developed the shorter, more velvety/suedey texture of the face and body mitt. The texture is very similar to the Norwex Makeup Removal cloth. Sorry, it’s only in a mitt though. I like the mitt because it doesn’t bunch up and the inside is lined with a separate layer of the same microfiber so you can flip it inside-out and use the inside too.

      It is recommended that you use the e-cloths on their own with water. You can use essential oils with them but it’s important to remember to rinse your ecloth afterwards with a bit of soap to make sure the oils are out of the cloth. You could use lemon juice without harming the cloth. Or you could just put a pot of water on the stove with a lemon in it and let it simmer for a while to get the smell throughout your house without actually using it to clean. Obviously you could also use vinegar – but I don’t expect that’s the kind of smell you’re searching for 😉



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