Kate’s Top 5 e-cloth “Get it While it’s on Sale” Picks – Get the Most Out of 20% Off

This sale has ended but if you’re looking for great gift ideas or some of my favourite ecloth items, read on!

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, there is an incredible sale on right now at eclothusa.com.

Pretend I’m You For a Moment:

Did Kate just say SALE?!? I like sales.  Christmas is coming. I need gifts.  I need stuff for ME.  I gotta get over to that website.

And then you head over to eclothusa.com and gasp and then mutter with a sigh: “Geez, there are a lot of e-cloth products. How do I decide what to get?

Back to Kate Being Kate

I know, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to begin.  And when you see those 4 magic letters… S…A…L…E, you want to go crazy and buy, buy, BUY!

But before you get carried away, let me help you.  Here are my Top 5 Picks for what to get while the 20% off Friends & Family Sale is on (Coupon Code: KATESFRIEND. Sale ends at 11:59 pm central time, Nov 17, 2014).

Kate’s Top 5 “Get it While it’s on Sale” Picks

  1. Universal Stone – this stuff is amazing and everyone should have some.  But yup, it’s universal stonepricey so maybe hard to justify (even though it’ll replace many of your other cleansers). Try searching on this blog for Universal Stone – I’ve got lots of examples with pictures of how well this stuff works. So get it while it’s on sale.  We also have the Universal Stone Cleaning Set that includes a General Purpose Cloth and a Glass & Polishing cloth and will save you even more money (but save even more by getting the Universal Stone and a couple of the 2 for 1 General Purpose instead – see below)
  2. Deep Clean Mop – another big-ticket item that people covet.  Probably something you win an ecloth mop contest - even a baby can use it!hum and haw over, wondering if it’s really any better than your existing mop.  Well stop wondering… it IS better. WAY better! Again, I’ve got a review of the Deep Clean Mop on here so check them out. If you’ve got pets, this is a must-have. Especially this time of year when the shedding is on full tilt and muddy paw prints prevail. We also have lots of mop “bundles” that’ll save you big money if you’re looking at getting multiple items.  But the bundles aren’t on sale right now. NOTE – I highly recommend that if you get the mop that you also purchase the dusting pad for it.  The mop dusting pad is my MOST USED ITEM and it’ll save you lots of time – and frustration.
  3. drinkware-cleaning-clothDrinkware Drying and Polishing Cloth – This little beauty is often over-looked. It’s kinda hard to find on the website and likely not something you’d search for.  But it’s a gem of a dish-dryer and it’s a couple of bucks cheaper than our Kitchen Towels.  Use if for all your dish-drying – not just glasses. You’ll be impressed by how quickly – and how much – water it absorbs. Not to mention the streak-free finish on your glasses!
  4. Kids love the e-body luxury bath towel4Luxury Bath Towel – The title says it all. Luxury… Bath… Towel. This thing IS pure luxury. It dries you quickly and feels like velvet against your skin.  And here’s a little secret for those of you that don’t like the fact that it’s white… shhhh, don’t tell anyone… the Large Pet Towel is exactly the same. So if you’re afraid of white, try the brown pet towel instead. And while I’m at it, I’ll just mention that the pet towel is the 2nd best thing I’ve ever gotten for my dog (the best thing is #5, below). If you’ve got a dog that likes to swim or run in the rain, you’ll love how quickly you can dry them off with the pet towel. Search this blog for my reviews of the luxury towel. We still only have one that the entire family fights over.
  5. Pet Grooming Mitt – This is the single best thing I’ve ever gotten for my dog. She loves how it feels and I love ecloth microfiber pet grooming mitthow it cleans her coat and removes dander.  Note, this is not a brush and it isn’t great for removing hair. This mitt makes my dog’s coat shine! I use it AFTER I brush her to remove the dead skin that the brush brings to the surface. And I use it a LOT in spring, summer and fall to remove dust and dirt from her hair. Roxy loves the feel of the bristly side on her face and in her ears.

Why Aren’t Any of the Cleaning Cloths on Kate’s Top 5 Sale List?

You know I love my e-cloths. You know I love the way they clean. So why aren’t they on my Friends & Family Sale list?

Because we’ve still got 2 for 1’s available and they aren’t eligible for the 20% off. You could get any of our regular priced cleaning cloths and use the Katesfriend Coupon Code to get 20% off them, but you’ll save money by getting the 2 for 1’s instead.

ecloth 2 for 1 General Purpose cloths

General Purpose Cloths on sale BOGO

So get your luxury, coveted items from the list above at 20% off (Coupon Code: KATESFRIEND) and get our best-selling General Purpose at 2 for the price of 1.

If you’re a Norwex user and are wondering how these compare to the Norwex products, you may want to click on the “ecloth versus Norwex” tab at the top of the page.  I used to be a Norwex Consultant – and while I’m a big fan, I like to save a bit of money too 🙂






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17 Responses to Kate’s Top 5 e-cloth “Get it While it’s on Sale” Picks – Get the Most Out of 20% Off

  1. I am interested in ordering some things while they are on sale. Specifically I am interested in the mop and general cleaning cloths (I would be interested in the polishing cloth but it looks like the 2 for 1 is sold out?). I had a few questions about these products.

    1. We are planning to buy the mop as a present for our kids for Christmas, they are 3 and 1 (possibly weird but the 3 yr old loves to help clean and I want his efforts to be really helpful, not just pretend :). I saw that the non telescoping mop is on sle for 29.99 and it looks like the telescoping one would cost 31.99 with this sale. In your opinion would it be worth $2 extra for the telescoping model? Also when at their smallest would either of them be a good height for a 3 yr old? (If it helps he is tall for his age prolly 3.5-4 yr old height, but his 1 yr old brother will prolly want to help too when he starts walking :).

    2. It seems the general cleaning cloth comes in a very large size (comparable to Norwex, although I don’t know why they are so big either). I am used to cleaning with hand sized things and I am wondering why they are so big. It seems to me that cleaning with something so big would mean that a lot of it is not getting used in 1 cleaning so I am wasting resources washing the rest of it for the small piece I did use. Do you find it to be useful to have them so big? Would it be possible to cut them into 1/4 pieces so they wouldn’t be so big?

    Lastly I would like to say thank you for all of your useful information here on the blog. I have chosen to go with ectoth over Norwex based on your information (and the comments, and several other sites reviews, and mainly because they are cheaper and seem to work just as well). I chose to buy through you because you provide so much information and support. So thank you!


    • Oh man, I just realized that the 20% off sale already ended but the other sales look like they are still happening so my questions still stand :).
      Some additional questions: How often do you have sales like that? And what is the best way to find out about them?


      • Randomly Fascinated: I was just about to break the bad news to you but you saw it first. Yes, the sale is over. That kind of sale (sitewide) only happens once or twice a year. We typically have the buy one, get one sales twice/year (spring and fall) and then other smaller random sales around the year. The BEST way to find out about the sales is to join my newsletter. I always email subscribers about sales (and not much else – I don’t like to send to many needless messages). Here is a link to the newsletter signup.

        To answer your questions:
        1. Both of my sons (now 5 and 3) have used the mops since before they were able to walk! They love them. With the non-telescopic mop, you can remove the middle piece and that would be short enough for your kids. The telescoping feature is nice if you’re switching between users frequently but lately I’m the only one that uses mine and so it’s not necessary. If you can get one of the sale ones, I’d jump on it. I think there are about 15 left. There is a counter on the website that will show you how many are left – so maybe keep your eye on that.

        2. The size and the method of using the cloth took me a bit of getting used to in the beginning. The best thing to do is to fold the cloth in half and then in half again so you have a small square and 8 clean sides to use. Use one side and then flip or refold the cloth to get at one of the other 7 clean sides. This’ll take a few days or a week to get used to but for me, I can’t clean any other way now. We did some tests on cutting the cloths but then you need access to a serger to re-do the edges. For me, when cut and re-edged, the cloth was too small. I’d say give the folding method a chance first.

        Thank you for the compliments on my blog. I’m glad that you found the information useful. Let me know if you have other questions. I’m always happy to help.


        • Thanks for the quick reply! I signed up for your newsletter.

          Do you know if there will be a sale on the mop anytime soon? Do they generally offer a Black Friday or cyber Monday sale? It sounds like a telescoping handle would be best for us so we can switch between adults and kids sweeping. But my husband doesn’t want to pay the extra $10 and we will still have to buy the dry mop pad. If we have to we will get the non-telescoping one, but I think it would get fairly annoying to have to store the piece and keep putting it in and taking it out. Oh, our 1st world problems are so small aren’t they :). I saw that someone on eBay is offering the mop for 34.99 with free shipping, I am just curious do different sellers have different sales available?

          Thanks for the advice on the cloth size. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who finds it crazy. They don’t offer travel size ones do they? I don’t know why these companies make them so big.


          • We just had our annual Friends and Family 20% off sale and that’s the only time I’ve seen the mop go on sale. Otherwise, if you’re looking to purchase the mop and a few cloths, you’ll save big with the Real Simple mop set or any of the other mop “bundles”. All the sellers are supposed to sell at the same set prices at the same time – but there are times when some bend the rules, which I’m sure you can understand is frustrating to us poor honest folk.


        • Ok, so I found a scotch Brite mop at good will for $1.50 with a telescoping handle so I got it for my boys (can’t beat that price :)). I remembered reading on here that you can use the ecloth cloths in those mops so I thought that would be a great wAy to save some money and get what we want. I can probably add Velcro to it to do the mop head attachments too.

          So I was wondering what you would recommend? Which cloths would work best for sweeping the floor? I’m assuming that the general purpose one is best for mopping? Would you recommend the mop heads over the cloths? How doe the dust mop head attach, is there any way that it could be rigged up to fit on it?

          Sorry so many questions but I am very much a frugal DIYer and I would love to use the clothes with the handle that I got super cheap 🙂


          • Randomly – good score on the mop. I just googled “scotch Brite mop” and saw a picture of one. It appears that the pads for that slip on over each end of the base. I’m not sure how you’ll attach an e-cloth to that unless you sew a pocket onto it to. The test I had done was with a Swiffer, which has little holes to push the cloth through to hold it on.

            The mop heads are better than the cloths because the fibers are longer. They pick up more dust (when dry) and get into grooves/corners better. If you do find a way to rig an ecloth onto your mop, I’d just use the General Purpose for damp mopping and a Dusting Cloth for dry/sweeping. I have some info in the link above about which cloths worked best on the Swiffer.


          • My scotch brite mop is more like a swiffer, it has little holes that you can push the cloth into. Thanks for the info and link! I think I’ll start with the general cloth and dusting cloth and get the mop heads if I find we need something more.

            Can you tell me how the new dusting mop (with the big fluffy looking head) attaches to its base? Is there any way that that could be rigged to work on a swiffer?


          • Well that’s darned good news! You know, we’ve got that 2 for 1 sale on the General Purpose cloths now and one of the cloths in the pack is brown. That would be freakin’ perfect for floors!

            The new dust pad for the Flexi-edge mop has pockets that slip onto either end of the mop. I can’t locate my Swiffer right now (possible that I got rid of it) so can’t test it but I think the pad is too long for the Swiffer. But it would likely be possible to stuff it into the Swiffer holes instead like I did with the regular mop pads.


          • I know, I already bought 2 of the 2 for 1 packs and I am debating getting more 🙂 (in case you are confused I realized after I signed up that I signed up with a different email address than I used for commenting). How long is the sale going on for? I am still debating and I don’t want to miss it, so I need to know my deadline 🙂

            I got the 2 sets in the mail this weekend. I really want to try them out in the mop. How bad is it if I use my kids Christmas present before Christmas?


          • Sorry for asking so much, but I saw on your facebook page that you need comments, so hopefully I am helping you with that 🙂

            So how much better than the dusting cloths would the big fluffy dust mop head be for sweeping the floor? Would I be better off sticking with the cloths or springing for the fluffy head? Or would the mid level dry mop head be the best option? I have a 1 yr old and 3 yr old so lots of stuff gets dropped on the floor.

            And I saw on your review that you use a brush to brush off your mop heads, what type of brush do you use? And where did you get it? I know Norwex sells one but I don’t really want to pay their prices. Would a regular cleaning brush from like the dollar store work?


          • Ramdomly: I’m back after a loooooong holiday from the blog. Holiday… laziness… procrastination… something like that 😉 Thanks for leaving all your comments. Google search has been putting my blog through the wringer for some reason and people are now finding it hard to find. So any comments that bring attention back to it are appreciated!

            To answer you questions:
            1) The fluffy dust pad that comes with the “Flexi-edge Floor and Wall Duster” is the best duster. It’ll pick up more dust AND non-static things like spilled Cheerios seem to get caught up in the fibers better. The downfall of it is that I find it hard to get the dust OUT without laundering it. You can brush it off with your hand/brush, but you’ll still see lots of bits in there and that bothers me. I usually end up laundering it after every use.

            Alternatively, the dust pad for the Deep clean mop is still better than the dusting cloths because it has longer fibers. More stuff can get caught in it than in the dusting cloths. But it won’t pick up Cheerios or other food crumbs (so important to move your mop in a figure eight motion so one edge is always leading. The cheerios and food will build up along the leading edge). It brushes off much more easily than the fluffy pad for the flexi mop so I typically use it for a week before washing it.

            The dusting cloths will work well on your mop but you’ll have to brush them off more frequently than either of the actual mop pads (since there is less fiber length and it’ll get full quicker) and I don’t think it’ll pick up as much dust as the pads.

            One thing worth noting with small kids is that all three of these options are fruitless if the mess is at all wet. Like if someone dropped milky cheerios on the floor. When the least bit damp, all three of these pads/cloths will drag HARD on the floor. Very annoying.

            I have a Norwex brush (from my Norwex Consultant days). You can find very similar ones on Amazon for around $6 if you search for “rubber brush”. In fact, there’s one on there that looks almost identical to the Norwex one. You have to be a bit careful brushing the e-cloth dusting mop pads with it though as the fibers in those pads are woven into a mesh and the brush can pull them out. I’m pretty rough with my brush and often see fibers floating out of the pad. The pad still works exceptionally well but I like people to be fully warned. I have also used a comb and a dog brush on mine. Rubber brush is the best, then comb then dog brush (non rubber).


    • Randomly Fascinated – I meant to respond to this message, but responded to your other one instead. All your questions are answered in my response to your next comment.


  2. Kassie says:

    I love this sale!!


  3. Mary says:

    Love the product.



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