Showering with e-cloth® – My Dirty Little Secret

If my husband catches wind of this, it’s gonna ruin everything…

I don’t like showering when the kids are home because I don’t get any privacy, and if I DO get privacy, I’m in for it because it means the boys are into something. Or fighting.

I don’t like showering when the kids are NOT home because that’s just a waste of my “alone” time.

I don’t like showering at night because… I don’t know why. I just don’t. Although, sadly this is when it most frequently gets done.

kates-psycho-shower-routineI DO like showering when my husband is home during the day, which is not often.

I say something like: “Bird (yes, I call him Bird) I’m just gonna nip upstairs and take a shower – back in 10 minutes“. And I chuckle to myself.

Then I race upstairs before he can say anything, start the shower, and grab an e-cloth. Because I ALWAYS shower with an e-cloth.

Ewww, that sounds kinky somehow.  Don’t worry, nothing kinky going on ’round here.

I’m not talking about an e-cloth body/face cloth (although they’re wonderful!).  I’m talking about an e-cloth cleaning cloth.

I know, I know, you’re asking something like: “Um, Kate… Pardon me, but what have you been smoking?

Well, let me tell you. I do it because it gains me extra minutes of highly coveted alone time. 

Yes, ALONE TIME!!!!!! Fellow mamas of young kids, you read that correctly. Lets spell that out. A…L…O…N…E…TIME!

It feels good just typing that.



Another sigh.

Sorry, I was daydreaming there. Where was I? Oh yeah…

When I’m done actually showering, I keep the water running and use the e-cloth (usually the bathroom e-cloth or the Cleaning Pad) to clean the entire tub – walls, tub, grout, fixtures and all.

You can’t do THAT with spray cleansers! Well, I guess technically you could but… Yikes! Danger! Coat yourself with chemicals much?

This is the one cleaning job that I milk every freaking minute that I can out of and I thank you for not spreading the word to The Bird Man!

If you’re wondering why I like the Bathroom Cloth and Cleaning Pad for tub/shower cleaning or want to know my e-cloth picks for ANY cleaning job, feel free to ask me in a comment.  I love to help!





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18 Responses to Showering with e-cloth® – My Dirty Little Secret

  1. Joy says:

    What ecloth would you recommend for washing my little ones face and hands after eating?


    • Joy, I just use a general purpose cloth (but keep an eye on their skin to begin with as the cloths can be very aggressive exfoliaters). But we also have the new baby wash cloths. I have not tried them yet so can’t comment but I expect they work really well and they will be more gentle on the skin of little ones.


  2. Sydnee says:

    Kate, Thank you so much for sharing your tips! I apologize for commenting 4 times on 4 different posts all within a day, but the more I read, the more I realized I had more questions, so thank you! I was searching around on the web for reviews and thoughts on the best microfiber to clean with and how to use them, etc. and I found your blog to be very helpful. So, thank you again. I do have little ones at my house, one 2 year old of my own, then I watch my two nieces 2yr & 3 months. So, you suggest the baby cloths from Norwex for washing up faces after meals? I was thinking about getting those for that reason. Then just rinse in hot water and hang on the kitchen cabinet to dry until I need to use it again, right? For those and with regular general purpose cloths, can I rinse in hot water maybe with a little dish detergent, then hang until next time I use it? If I do that routine, can I use the same ones for a week before I launder them in the washer, or would that be gross? I don’t do that with my cotton dish cloths/towels/rags, but I figured if these are microfiber, they get rid of bacteria even within the rag? I’m sorry if I’m making this harder than it needs to be. I don’t remember really being taught how to clean, so now that I’m a new mom, I’m always searching online for ideas on how to clean. I’m re-reading through your replies and I think it’s clicking. Sorry, again..:)
    After I purchase all these new cloths, I need to just get rid of all my cotton kitchen towels, rags, and washcloths that I use for whipping up messes on kids and counters. They seem to make everything more work.
    Thanks, again,


    • Yes, I love the baby wash cloths for cleaning up after meals/snacks. Do be warned though that they can really dry out the skin so don’t wipe vigorously and keep an eye on their cheeks and fingers to make sure everything is OK. I’ve practically begged e-cloth to start making something similar-sized but they say that they’re just too rough on baby skin so they won’t go there. Neither of my boys have ever had an issue with them but I do like to warn people. Of course you could use a General Purpose cloth, but they’re just too bulky for that kind of task for me. My baby wash cloths get a lot of use – I usually only use them for a day then put them aside to be laundered. Oh, another warning – they get really stained! So they only look good for a month or so. They still work great, but look crappy 😉

      I’ve got a post on here about when/how to launder. I’m going to direct you to that as I think it’ll answer a lot of your questions. Here’s the link.


  3. Sydnee says:

    Yes, I would like to know your ecloth picks (or Norwex, if there is something in Norwex that you like better or vise versa) for all cleaning jobs, or do you have that as a post somewhere? Like for a gas stove, cleaning all the knicks and crannies under the grills, I wonder if I should try a sponge or some sort of scrubber for that messy job. Oven cleaning, and bathroom baseboards that have seem to have stuck on dust, and grime from hair spray and haven’t been cleaned for a while. It’s embarrassing. Last time, I was in the bathroom scrubbing the baseboards with a toothbrush and it still wouldn’t come off. It’s bad. So yes, any tips would be greatly appreciated! Also, do you have a cleaning schedule or routine that you follow? THANKS!


    • Sydnee – I don’t have a cleaning schedule other than to DEFINITELY do the bathrooms on Mondays. Don’t ask me why I’m anal about the bathrooms but unorganized with the rest of the house.

      As far as cloths, there aren’t any Norwex ones that I prefer over the e-cloths. Norwex does have something called “baby wash cloths” though that I use daily to wipe my boys’ hands and faces after meals. If you don’t have young kids though, you likely won’t need those :).

      I do like the Norwex descaler and oven cleaner. However, I ran out of descaler some time ago and filled the spray bottle with vinegar and it’s been working just as well. The oven cleaner is great. I’ve got a review on here that may be worth a read for you. But be warned… it is ridiculously expensive and I found it only worked on my oven – not on our BBQ.

      I also like the Norwex cleaning paste, but e-cloth recently introduced “Universal Stone” which I like better. The Norwex paste works wonderfully, but it is slightly abrasive and I’ve found the Universal Stone works in all the same places plus more.

      For your gas stove I’ve got 3 suggestions:
      1) Kitchen e-cloth – this is great for wiping up greasy messes and it has a small scrubber on one corner for cooked on messes. It is fairly absorbent so you can use it to sop up liquid messes too. This cloth is best if you tend to clean messes as they occur and only have small cooked-on or dried bits to deal with
      2) Range & Stovetop cloth – This is not a favourite of mine but people with gas stoves do seem to like it. One side of the cloth has stripes of scrubbers and the other side is all microfiber. This is more effective than the kitchen cloth for bigger jobs that need a scrubber. I find it holds onto a lot of water though so it will feel heavier in your hand and it doesn’t stay folded well, which I find frustrating
      3) Washing up Pad – This won’t get into the tight areas as well as the other 2 cloths because it has a sponge in it but it is very absorbent and has a very effective scrubber.

      The Kitchen and Range & Stovetop cloths will leave a bit of dampness on the surface. If a streak-free surface is important to you, you’ll want to follow up with a Glass & Polishing cloth. You can save a bit of money with the Kitchen and Range&Stovetop “packs”, which include a Glass & Polishing cloth.

      For your bathroom baseboards – I can’t recommend the Universal Stone enough (see link, above). It’s safe on wood and paint and will very quickly and easily remove hairspray and dust build up. Once you’ve used it to remove the gunk, then weekly/monthly maintenance with a damp General Purpose cloth should be good. The Universal Stone is also wonderful for your stovetop!

      Hope this helps. But if not, keep asking 😉


  4. Sophie says:

    Well Im convinced. It was suggested to use a Nowex body cloth on one of my littles who has mild eczema to avoid any products. While googling for info, I came across your site and just ended up ordering a lovely variety of ecloths to try! I cant wait to get them all and start transitioning chemicals outta my house!!! Thanks for your honest reviews on all the products.


    • Sophie – thanks for reading through my blog. I’m happy to hear it was some help to you. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the e-cloths and how they work on the eczema.


  5. Katie says:

    Hi Kate,

    So my question has more to do with cleaning the cloths themselves vs cleaning with them…is it okay to use oxygen bleach to launder them? My natural detergent is like Charlie’s soap but it also has the oxygen bleach added to it…I haven’t used it yet because I don’t want to ruin them.

    Thank you!


  6. Jeannine says:

    I left you a comment on this, but don’t know what happened to it. Just wondering what the cleaning pad does vs the bathroom cloth. I use the bathroom cloth, but also sometimes just use the regular ecloth. What difference does it make (in your opinion)? Thanks for any feedback.


  7. Jeannine says:

    I wipe down the shower/tub after every shower I take (with the ecloth bathroom cloth). Wish my whole family would do the same, but figure my doing it at least means it’s done once a day. Please tell me – what difference if I use the bathroom cloth or just a regular ecloth? AND what does the cleaning pad do for you that the cloth alone doesn’t? Thanks for you input!


    • Jeannine – sorry for the tardy response – it’s been a crazy few days at my house. I’m with you on wishing the whole family – or even just ONE other family member – would wipe the tub once in a while. But, at least I get my little extra time in there so I can’t complain to loudly 😉

      Bathroom cloth VS General Purpose Cloth – They are essentially the same (same fabric, number of fibers, etc.) but the bathroom cloth has slightly longer fibers. Longer fibers means it can absorb more water and gets into grout better. If your Bathroom cloth is dirty, a General Purpose cloth will work just fine.

      Cleaning Pad VS Bathroom Cloth – The cleaning pad is like a bathroom cloth wrapped around a sponge. It absorbs more water than the bathroom cloth but can be slightly more difficult to get into tight corners. It has seams along it that make it very easy to fold in half and it fits very nicely in your hand. I find it stays folded better than the bathroom cloth and I like the extra padding under my hand when doing big jobs like the tub and shower.


  8. Jen Maloy says:

    You’re killing me! I feel the same way about showers! I also hate cleaning showers…since I put it off, my shower becomes nas-Ty hence the cycle of hate all around. I will have try cleaning while in the shower….although I cleaning naked could constitute as kink!


  9. Marie says:

    Kate, while I have a Norwex shower cloth, that’s not the point. I DO THE SAME THING!! It hangs on a hook in my shower and I actually only do this twice a week when I have to keep a deep conditioner in my hair for about 3-5 minutes. Don’t want to leave the water running, but not time to get out of the shower…… I use the stopper on my shower head and since the shower walls and tub are already wet, I get the cloth wet and wipe down the whole thing. It makes me smile at how easy it is to keep the shower/tub clean this way!!! These cleaning cloths are soooooo efficient and make cleaning sooooo easy!!! Again, I don’t care if it’s Norwex or eCloth — people should just give this a try. And as you said, you CAN’T do this with chemicals!!!!



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