I’m Curious! Why Haven’t You Tried e-cloth®? Would a Contest Help?

Help me, please!

Obviously I’m sold on e-cloth®, but I know many of you are still wary, and I very, VERY much would like to know what is holding you back from giving e-cloth a try.

Could you please, please, pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top leave me a comment below? I’m truly, very interested in hearing your thoughts and concerns. I value your input/feedback and think it will help me with future blog posts.

Oh, what the heck. Lets sweeten the pot a little bit.  I’ve got Kitchen Packs to give to 3 lucky people that post a comment below.

Contest Rules:

e-cloth kitchen pack

Win an e-cloth Kitchen Pack

  1. Leave a comment below, detailing why you have NOT tried e-cloth before
  2. One (1) entry per person (but if you’ve got more than one reason for not trying e-cloth, I’d love to hear it!)
  3. Open to US and Canadian residents only
  4. 3 winners will be randomly chosen from all publishable comments (by publishable, I mean I won’t be posting comments that are rude. “Rude” as determined by me, that is.)
  5. Winners will be randomly chosen from all posted comments
  6. End date – May 10, 2014. Lets say 8 pm eastern standard time.

This contest is now over.  Thanks to all that took the time to enter and congratulations to bcpartello, Cora and Marie.

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53 Responses to I’m Curious! Why Haven’t You Tried e-cloth®? Would a Contest Help?

  1. AK says:

    My comment is similar to others I have read here. I just learned about e-cloths while researching Norwex after attending a party and being impressed/intrigued with what I learned, but not so impressed with the amount of money I would have to put out. After researching for a few hours today I was mostly convinced that I could do about as well with the e-cloth and so I wondered what it would cost me to get Real Simple 9pc Set INTERNATIONAL to my home in Canada. The $30.00 shipping fee is going to make me wait a while on that one yet too. Maybe I will order it to my sisters in the USA and pick it up when I visit her in the summer.


    • AK – I’m also in Canada and feel your pain about the shipping costs but we’ve looked into every option and just can do it more cheaply without raising the prices on the products. On a high note, the Real Simple 9 pc set is an amazing deal so even with the shipping, you’ll save. I do get a fair number of Canadians getting orders delivered to family in the US and when I can, I get mine sent to a mail box in Niagara Falls, NY and get my sister in law to pick it up for me.


  2. Leeann Vhal says:

    I have never tried e-cloth because I just recently stumbled upon these very intriguing products. I was searching for products similar to norwex but less expensive when I came across your web page. Now I can’t wait to put these products to work!!


  3. Christine says:

    I haven’t tried ecloths simply b/c I’d never heard of them. I stumbled onto your blog while researching norwex for a party a friend of mine is having soon (basically trying to find reviews of norwex — i.e., the scam question). I’ve been wary of trying norwex because they are *so* expensive. I really appreciate your “regular person” honest reviews of both the norwex and ecloth products, especially the acknowledgment that price point is a huge factor. I love the idea of the products, but to be frank, I’m a terrible housekeeper anyway, so it’s hard to justify spending so much money on something I may be too lazy to use. I’m hoping that the simplification of cleaning will motivate me in this area. The floors are my downfall. I *hate* mopping, partly because of the bucket, which I don’t want to empty in my kitchen sink or bathtub, or throw over the balcony of my apartment, but it’s a serious pain to lug the bucket of dirty water down two flights of stairs to the common laundry room utility sink.

    I also feel that the norwex website and catalog are not user-friendly in terms of getting information. The ecloth website I found (which appears to be *your* ecloth website, rather than a general ecloth website) and this blog are both much more useful and informative (although I’ve noticed that some of the links from the blog to the ecloth sales site and within the sales site appear to be broken). I’ve been trying to determine what the comparable products are and will likely purchase the general cloths and home cleaning set from ecloth and see how that works out with the possibility of trying out the mopping system down the road if I like the cloths. I’m also considering trying out some of the norwex products that don’t appear to have an ecloth counterpart (rubber brush, toilet brush (not the super expensive one), cleaning paste, lint mitt, vintage body pack) since those appear to be unique and to give my friend some credit. I appreciate that ecloth has free shipping in the U.S. too.


    • Christine – thank you so much for the compliments on my blog. They are truly appreciated!

      Like you, I am a very poor excuse for a housekeeper. I’m disorganized, lazy, and frankly sometimes don’t see the point – especially when I clean my floors and then the dog walks in with muddy paws. SIGH! But the e-cloths have most definitely made things easier and like I mentioned to Jen in an earlier comment, since starting to use e-cloth, there are many things in my house that get cleaned more frequently than they used to. When I was using chemical/spray cleansers, I was a negligent kitchen sink cleaner, I “next to never” properly cleaned my counters and absolutely never cleaned things like door handles and light switches, etc. Now I clean my sink at least once a day, counter several times a day. Often when after wiping the dining table clean (messy boys!), on my way back to the kitchen, I’ll use a different part of the cloth to wipe smudges on the walls, light switches, etc. Even though it’s just a wipe, I KNOW that the e-cloth is really cleaning it.

      And like I’ve said MANY times, there are just so many tedious cleaning jobs that the e-cloths make easier – like cleaning your shower. Just wipe it down when you’re done!

      As for the mop – for the most part, I use the dusting pad. I do that once to twice per day because of the dog hair and little messes the boys leave. I SHOULD damp mop more frequently but lately it’s only been once every 10 days to 2 weeks. But the dust mop keeps the floors pretty clean. It’s just things like dog drool that it won’t get (and that’s something that I often find myself wiping up with a damp General Purpose cloth on my way back to the kitchen after wiping the dining table).

      Sorry about the “sale” links on my blog. Those would be old sales and I’m extremely negligent in deleting them. Get with it, KATE! But if you go to the SALE page, it always has some items on it.

      For the most part – in the cleaning cloth department anyway – e-cloth has products that are similar to the Norwex cloths. We do have one “cleanser” – Universal Stone, that I recommend over the Norwex Paste as it’s completely non-abrasive so can be used on even the most delicate surfaces. e-cloth doesn’t have any other cleansers though – so those are things that you might want to get from Norwex. A lot of people like the descaler (me included) but I haven’t found it any more effective than good old vinegar at removing hard water stains and mineral buildup.

      Oh yeah, the Norwex rubber brush. I have one and it works well for cleaning my mop off. Truthfully that’s the only thing I use it for. I got mine free. I don’t think I’d spend the money on it. There are good ones available on Amazon too. If you search for “rubber lint brush” or “rubber pet brush”, you’ll come up with lots. I just saw one on Amazon – exactly the same as the Norwex one – for $6.95.


      • Christine says:

        Ooh, thanks for the rubber brush tip, which is apparently amazing at removing cat hair from furniture, and for the info on the cleaning paste v. universal stone. It looks like you get more bang (and actual product) for your buck with the stone, although I may look into the cleaning paste down the road if I have any tough items that require a grittier/harder cleaner (I’m thinking about a particular super glue fix-it project gone wrong, or at least slightly askew). But I’ll start with the universal stone and see how that performs first. Now I’m starting to actually get excited about cleaning. If I end up buying something from the website before the drawing, I hope I’ll still be eligible to win!


  4. Jen Maloy says:

    Dang it! So drunk….so slow…..I meant to write, I don’t believe cleaning without chemicals……not without water. Ok….going back to my corner.


  5. Jen Maloy says:

    Alrighty, I’ll bite! My friend sells Norwex and I went to a party. I was impressed and horrified all at the same time! But to make her feel better and not kill a friendship, I gave in and bought (&won!) some clothes. I got a face cloth…which I feel doesn’t work worth jack because i did a test after I cleaned my face with the cloth. I used soap and cotton balls…..and still had make up come off. I got a window cloth which totally works. I love it! And I can say this as a “retired professional house cleaner”….I know….you are super impressed. (And yes…as a house cleaner my house never got cleaned!) I also got a general cleaning cloth….I don’t know if it works. My counter tops are clean but there is no way to know if the chicken slime really got cleaned off! It skezzes me out! I just…I just can’t trust it…..I mean, I cleaned houses for years and used chemicals that would melt your face off! So yeah, window cloth…I was so impressed….but that’s it. I’ve read about ecloth….because like a lot of the people…I googled Scam and found you. It does interest me this crazy way of cleaning with out water, but still…. I guess at the end of the day, I grew up using chemicals. Yes chemicals are bad….but so is chicken guts and typhoid……which I know is hanging out in my bathroom as we speak! It’s hard to believe that a cloth and water can kill chicken gut germs!


    • Oh Jen! I must make it my life’s work to convert you now 😉 But firstly, let me thank you for telling me your house never got cleaned. I have a house full of cleaning supplies but… alas, am not a good cleaner. I’m looking at some dirt that someone tracked in on their shoes yesterday. Thinking I should clean that up, but also thinking “why the heck can’t the person that tracked that in, clean it up”. Not that THAT will ever happen.

      Chemicals. Yes, they’re bad, so very, very bad. And if you don’t leave them on the surface for 10 minutes, they don’t work anyway.

      I just want to clarify one thing – the e-cloths (and Norwex) do NOT kill the chicken germs/bacteria. The cloths work by picking up the bacteria. Then you rinse it down the drain.

      I’ve got to admit that even though I’m a very lazy cleaner, there are many parts of my house that are much cleaner now than they used to be before I switched from chemicals to e-cloth. My kitchen sink is the best example. With my e-cloth, I clean that at least once a day by simply wiping it out. When I was using chemicals – well, I’m embarrassed to say that it was 10 days to 2 weeks (or more?) between cleanings. Another clean spot is the counter (wiped several times/day with e-cloth and easily only once/week with chemicals) and the knobs on my cupboards (wiped every few days with e-cloth… NEVER with chemicals). Should I go on? Sure, I used to wipe these down with a cotton rag every day or two in the past but cotton just spreads everything around so looking back, it was a waste of my time.

      I know, I know, it’s so very, very hard to trust that the e-cloths are picking up bacteria. You can’t see the bacteria, so how do you know for sure? You just have to trust the science. Science is our friend and I’m a total geek for it.

      All that aside, like I told someone else – even if you don’t trust the science, e-cloths will make many cleaning tasks easier. Like dusting, windows, car cleaning, wiping up spills and the table, light switches, etc., etc. So if you’re still worried about the itty-bitty germs and bacteria, e-cloths are worth a try just for making general cleanup of dirt, grease and grime so much easier!


  6. bcpartello says:

    I just went to a quarter auction and never heard of norwex nor ecloth. I did order a $50 set from the Norwex rep. Found out my 16 year old is allergic to EVERYTHING! Trying to make everything as chemical free as possible in our home but need to go it on a very tight budget. I would love to try the ecloth.


  7. Robin says:

    I hadn’t tried ecloths before because I had never heard of them! A friend asked me to host a Norwex party, and I was interested because we live overseas most of the time and cleaning supplies are expensive there. My husband was turned off by the price of the Norwex items, so he researched it and found your site. I’m excited to try it, but haven’t yet.


    • What’s holding you back from trying the ecloths, Robin? Super 2 for 1 sale on right now – you can’t beat that!


      • Robin says:

        🙂 I actually did purchase several things, but because we are packing things to ship back overseas, I will be packing the things I just purchased into a box to send. 😦 So, I plan to use them, but won’t until we get back over there in July.


  8. Cora says:

    I have never tried them because I had never heard of them. I have a friend who sell Norwex. I wanted to try one of their cloths but couldn’t afford one. I did an internet search to see if there was something like it that was cheaper. That’s when I found your site.


  9. Judith Geske says:

    A friend just introduced me to Norwex and gave me a couple of cloths to use… and I love them! But, always curious I was searching online for information and your blog came up. I haven’t tried e-cloths yet because I guess I’m not convinced just by reading that they will do the same job as the Norwex cloths I sampled. I went to a local kitchen store and they had some e-cloths for sale. I just felt the all purpose one through its packaging and it didn’t seem as “dense” as the Norwex. Am I just imagining that? I was confused by my friend’s explanation of silver in the cloth. She made it sound as though the surface was getting an anti-microbial treatment, but after reading your blog, I see that it’s the cloth. I’m still struggling!


    • Judith – there is definitely something different in the “feel” of the Norwex and e-cloths – just something in the way they’re woven. Thank you for reading through my blog and getting the facts on how the silver works in Norwex – now you can go and correct your friend 😉
      Good luck in the contest. You’d be a perfect winner – I would love to convert a skeptic 😉


  10. Jan says:

    Hi Kate,
    I found out about e-cloths today in a search to make my cleaning routine a little quicker and more effective. I just noticed the microfiber cloths I’ve been using from the dollar store (yes, I heard you sigh) are leaving tiny fibers all over the windows (grrrr). So what do I do when I’m frustrated? Grab a coffee and Google 🙂 and there you were. I hate streaks and fuzz left on mirrors and windows. With 2 little girls and 1 nosy dog, I do windows a lot!! I am interested in trying e-cloths. I also wipe the bathroom counter down everyday with some icky antibacterial wipes, so being able to use one cloth and know germs are gone is VERY appealing! Love your dogs and can so appreciate the “fun” of the spring shed (I’m very interested in the pet cloths for my little bundle of fur). I was given a package of Norwex a few years and have a couple favourite cloths. I’m really liking the looks of the e-cloth floor cleaning set, however I’m kinda skeptical about it picking up all the dog hair?
    Love your blog!


    • Jan I think you’ll love the way e-cloths clean your kitchen counter in a single swipe. They’ll get all the crumbs, dried liquids, honey, etc and you won’t have to follow up with an antibacterial wipe. As for dog hair – the mop picks up a lot of hair but if you move the mop in a figure-8 motion so that one side is always in front, you’ll kind of “corral” the hair into a bunch along the leading edge. I can’t post a photo here but I do have a great one showing how much hair my mop got one day last spring after my husband brushed the dog INSIDE! Silly man!


  11. Tori olson says:

    I started doing some research and my question is why are you the only one that sells it?


  12. Heidi says:

    I just bought my first Norwex cloths and was searching for information on using it for dusting (damp vs. dry) and found your blog. When I need more cloths I will by trying ecloth. I have never liked the “party” sales concept because of the higher prices and feeling like I am being taken advantage of, but I loved the Norwex products, so I bought them anyway. Not anymore now that I’ve found ecloth!


  13. aimee t says:

    i haven’t tried the clothes as i feel , they might not actually clean enough and just spread the dirt


  14. Megan says:

    Hi Kate,
    I have Norwex cloths that I got from you (back in the day) that I have been very happy with. They still seem to be going strong so I haven’t felt the need yet to replace them. But when I do need to replace them, I would want to try the e-cloth 🙂


    • Megan – you raise a good point. These high-quality microfiber cloths (like Norwex and e-cloth) last for years. They may get a little stained but they just keep working! I’ve relegated some to the garage/basement but can’t bring myself to get rid of any 😉


  15. mycgrimsby says:

    I haven’t tried them yet because I’m still doing my research 🙂 I have a brand-new laminate floor in my family room which is still under renovation. I’ve got a layer of drywall dust to eliminate & many dirty boot-prints. It’s going to be a big clean-up when we’re done. I’ve heard a lot about Norwex but as you know, that will put a serious dent in my cleaning budget.


    • mycgrimsby – drywall dust and dirty footprints. I feel your pain. My house has been under renovation for 9 years. I’ve found my vacuum to be next to useless with drywall dust but the e-cloth dusting pad for the mop works like a charm. If you ever have any questions or want my opinion on products for a specific job, please do not hesitate to ask!


  16. Erin says:

    I haven’t tried ecloths because prior to reading your blog today, which I found while searching for reviews of a Norwex product, I have never head of ecloth! Now I am curious and ready to try it though!


    • Drop everything and go order some, Erin! You won’t be disappointed. We’ve got our great 2 for 1 sale on our best selling cloths right now. 2 cloths for $7.99 with free shipping and a money back guarantee. How could you go wrong?

      Or if you’re just in the market for some information, start asking me questions about e-cloth – I’m always happy to help.


  17. Stacey Engels says:

    I have been using Norwex.


    • Ah Stacey, come to me, my darling… (imagine me hunched over, tapping my fingers together greedily with a mischievous and conniving look on my face, trying to entice you into the light). Hee Hee!

      If you win, you MUST let me know what you think of the ecloths compared to your Norwex.


  18. Debbie says:

    I haven’t tried them yet because I am apprehensive about trying something that claims to remove so much bacteria with just water.


    • Debbie – I can understand your caution! It’s hard to believe, or have confidence in, a simple little cloth – especially in removing something that we can’t see, like bacteria. E-cloth has had some very extensive laboratory testing done – by an internationally recognized micro-biology laboratory to determine how much bacteria can be picked up by their cloths. The tests showed that e-cloths pick up over 99% of bacteria.

      But even setting bacteria removal aside, once you try an e-cloth – for any household cleaning task – you’ll wonder why you didn’t try them earlier.

        Every little mess that my kids make with spilled drinks, food
        Greasy splatter on walls, counter and stovetop
        Windows and Mirrors,
        ANYthing that needs to be wiped, like counters, sinks, appliances, showers, glass, doorknobs, light switches, etc

        E-cloths clean sooooo much better than sponges or cotton cloths and even better than most other microfiber cloths.

        I guess my point is that even if you’re wary about the bacteria removal claims, e-cloths clean everything else so well that you’ll be hooked once you try one!

        Thanks for entering and good luck in the draw!


  19. Marie says:

    Kate, I have been following your blog for a long time. I’m one of those who found your blog by Googling “Is Norwex a Scam?” I wanted to know because I purchased a LOT of Norwex products from a friend. I have been VERY happy with them – everything. But as I began to spread the news (and as she began to ask me to give parties), I wanted to be prepared to answer people’s questions about Norwex. Other people were saying things about Norwex that confused me and were also talking about e-cloths. The reason I haven’t purchased an e-cloth is that I have everything I need, and my products will last several more years at least. Also, I can get more things from Norwex than e-cloth. However, I have always been honest with people when they ask me questions, and while my Norwex friend would kill me if she knew I was doing this (she doesn’t believe there is any comparison between Norwex and e-cloth!!!), more and more I’m telling people to look at e-cloth first. I even became a Norwex rep about a month ago to “help” my friend build her team. I got lots of orders right away (I didn’t do at-home parties, but rather on-line parties), but I didn’t feel good about the whole thing and kept going to your blog. About three days after I became a rep, you wrote the “Is Norwex a Scam?” post and I just banged my head against the wall!! Your timing was awful, Kate!!! 🙂 If only you had posted that just a few days earlier, I would never have become a Norwex rep (although I did it at a very low level). When after placing my initial big order I received all those free gifts and then read your post, I felt so bad I gave away those gifts to people who had ordered from me as a way of defraying the cost of their Norwex purchases. It appeased my guilt. I can’t quote you exactly, but when you wrote something like you couldn’t justify gouging your friends and family so that 16 people on your upline could make money along with your own income…….!!!!……..well, I was done. I’ve been wanting to give you a list of all the things I bought from Norwex (because I couldn’t find everything on your website) so that you could tell me if e-cloth sells the same things. I never got around to that, but I’ve read recently that you don’t have a laundry detergent and some other things as well. I bought the laundry detergent before the price jump and because I have an HE washing machine, my Norwex friend told me to use only 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of detergent per load. My first bag of laundry detergent lasted 2 1/2 years!!! But recently you named some other detergents without fillers that are not as expensive as Norwex. I already know that when I need new cleaning supplies, I will order from you if you’re still selling e-cloth. So that’s my reason and I guess I also needed to get a lot off my chest! Sorry for the long post! Actually, I would love to receive your kitchen cloths because I would like to see how or if they differ from the Norwex products I have. One thing that does concern me: You and your followers have commented often that the eCloth doesn’t pick up as much water as the Enviro Cloth and so you use the window cloth (or the equivalent) to finish the job. What bothers me about that is that it’s one more step to the cleaning process, and while my biggest purpose in all this is to help the environment, I also love it because cleaning is sooooo simple. One more step is not such a good thing…. Thanks for hearing me out!


    • Oh Marie – now I feel awful! I don’t want you to regret becoming a Norwex Consultant. Actually, it had never occurred to me to write that post until a day or two before I did. I just happened to notice how many people found my blog by searching for “norwex scam”. As you know, I think the Norwex products are wonderful. I’m just not the kind of person that’s comfortable with the home-party idea. I cringe every time someone invites me to one because I feel obligated to buy something, even if I don’t want it. In any case, you know my stance – Norwex is NOT a scam, it’s just expensive and a few too many people make money off each sale for my liking.

      You are right, Norwex does carry a number of items that e-cloth does not carry. At the moment, the only “cleanser” that e-cloth carries is the Universal Stone (incredible, btw!), whereas Norwex has the descaler, paste, laundry detergent, toilet stuff, etc. I get a lot of customers who get their microfiber from me (ecloth) and their cleaning solutions from Norwex – or Shaklee (I haven’t tried any of those yet).

      As for water left behind. Yes, the ecloths do seem to leave a bit more but as for “an extra step”, I guess that depends on what you’re cleaning. Me – I don’t really have anything shiny other than windows and mirrors (no stainless appliances, glass cooktops, granite counter, etc.) and even if I did, the little spots likely wouldn’t bother me enough to pull out the Glass cloth afterwards (because I’m lazy? not picky? combination of both?). On things like windows or mirrors, I use a polishing cloth to finish it off if I’ve used either an e-cloth General Purpose OR Norwex Enviro to get tough dirt/grease. Both leave enough moisture behind to warrant a polish. 9 times out of 10 though, I just use the e-cloth polishing cloth OR Norwex Window cloth for windows/mirrors.

      I want to thank you for your comment. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this and I sincerely hope that you’ll stop feeling down about your decision to sell Norwex!


  20. Sandra Palmer says:

    I won’t qualify, but I LOVE my e cloths. Tried Enjo way to expensive and same result as E cloth. I’m just say’n


    • Sandra – thanks for taking the time to comment, anyway! Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall the first time someone uses and e-cloth to wipe up a spill or clean their mirror? I’ll have a contest for veteran e-cloth users soon!


  21. Hi Kate
    Here is the reason I have not tried e-cloth ;
    I have heard the name e-cloth , but I have never seen one for sale anywhere , I honestly thought they were car cleaning cloths, actually more like wipes . I had no idea they were microfibre cloths and they sold mops etc .
    I just happened apon your site when looking into Norwex and that’s when I realized what they actually were .
    Jeez , I wish I had know about these awhile ago , especially for the cost point , I would really love to try one and compare it to Norwex myself .

    Thanks for filling me in


  22. GinN says:

    I just found e-cloth recently. My husband (after I returned from a Norwex party) decided to do some research. He was not impressed with what he read about the Silver in the Norwex products. My bubble of excitement over the product was crushed! He did not want our ground water to be contaminated. We live in a log cabin he built 21 years ago. I began the search for a more practical environmentally friendly product and of several types was most impressed with your blog reviews & comparisons. My first order was made just a couple days ago. So why I haven’t tried until now? I wasn’t aware of the possibilities, until recently made available.



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