Is Norwex a Scam?

Kate here.  Your good old Canadian Stats Geek.

I spent an hour looking through the stats of my blog this morning – wondering how many people visited, where they visited from (a shout out to those that visited from from Iraq, Egypt, Thailand and Kenya today), and most importantly, what they were searching for.

Remarkably, the Number 1 search that has brought people to my blog over the past couple of weeks is: “Is Norwex a Scam?“.

This seemed like an odd question to me, and made me curious.  Are people wondering whether the entire Norwex business is a scam or are they wondering if the cloths really work as advertised?

I don’t know all the ins and outs of the Norwex business but I was a Norwex consultant for a while (please note past tense) so I know a bit about how they make their money.

Norwex Sells Through Home Parties

Norwex is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that relies mainly on home parties for making sales.  A party goes something like this:

  • A Norwex Consultant comes to your home and presents/demonstrates the products.
  • Because you hosted the “party”, you get a discount on products, based on how much your friends purchase.
  • Also depending on how much your friends purchase, you may be eligible for some free gifts.
  • Meanwhile, the Consultant that demonstrated the products at your party gets a commission on each sale.
  • In the background, there is the person that recruited the Norwex Consultant (i.e., another Norwex Consultant who suggested that this person should try selling Norwex).  That person ALSO gets a commission on the sales at your party, as does the person that recruited him/her… and so on, all the way to the top.

Norwex is a legitimate company and follows a marketing strategy similar to many other MLM companies.

But, all the commissions and “free” gifts come at a price.  Have you seen the prices at Norwex?  Cha-freaking-ching!

As a Norwex Consultant, I had (note past tense) trouble justifying the cost of the products. But it was the home parties that really bothered me. Essentially, when you host a party, you rely on your friends to buy lots of stuff at a high price so that you can get some free.  Call me crazy but isn’t that just taking advantage of your friends?

So I said bye-bye to Norwex.

Does Norwex Work?

Take a wander through my blog. See up at the top there… That heading “Norwex Reviews”?  I’ve got lots of great reviews of the Norwex products up there.  That’s because the products work, and they work really well.

Regardless of whether you believe they really pick up bacteria or not (they do, btw!), there is no denying that the Norwex cloths clean as well or better than your old fashioned cleansers and cloths.  Dusting, sopping up spills, cleaning countertops to tubs to windows, these cloths are amazing! The first time you try one, you’ll be hooked. And if you’re not, well send it back and get your money back.

So, is Norwex a Scam or What?

Nope.  It’s just too bloody expensive.

Now, if you’ve read all this, then why not read through a few of my reviews.  And then take a look at the e-cloth reviews (also up there at the top).  E-cloth is equally incredible, only the prices are so much lower! And maybe take a look at why I switched from Norwex to e-cloth.

And if you already feel like you can trust me (of course you do), just head over to site and check out a few of the cloths.  You’ll be surprised by the prices and really, you’ve got nothing to lose since we offer free shipping in the US and a full money back/satisfaction guarantee!


Thanks to Sandra’s comment below, I finally got around to doing a little price comparison FOR CANADIANS between e-cloth and Norwex (Note that e-cloth shipping is free in the US).  Since USPS hiked their international rates in 2012, shipping to Canada has been a tad pricey (to understate it a bit).  So I was curious about how e-cloth prices with shipping compare to Norwex.  And since I’m a complete and utter super-geek, I’ve put it in a spreadsheet for your viewing pleasure.

Summary – e-cloth rocks! Even in Canada 🙂

e-cloth vs Norwex prices for Canada

*Shipping rates based on delivery to my house in Cambridge, ON in March 2014. 

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22 Responses to Is Norwex a Scam?

  1. Ariel says:

    Have you noticed a decrease in your commisssion with a 15% (35% to 20%…. or UP TO 20%) pay cut? Does e-cloth not do parties? How do share with people how well they work? It’s hard to get people to buy in that your can remove up to 99% of bacteria with water without doing some demos?


    • I’m awful at parties but turns out I’m pretty good at selling online so the switch to e-cloth was ideal for me, Ariel. Mostly I share how they work through my blog – which can be challenging to convert new users but once people try them they believe 🙂 I believe the price of e-cloth is low enough to get people to try at least one. It just takes that one to get a good idea of how well they work.


  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for your honesty! I love Norwex in it’s ability. I think it’s probably just preference, right? And what each person is willing to spend is different. I know you aren’t dissing the product. I’ve heard great stuff about e-cloth too, going to check it out. I met a woman at my church who sells Norwex and she aggressively planned a party at MY house without really asking and I had to tell her no like 5 different times. LITERALLY. I had to be like, NO seriously stop emailing and calling me. That is the biggest down side for me, to any of these types of companies. I would never be comfortable asking my friends to purchase such expensive product. I consider it a personal thing. If someone were to ask me I would say heck yeah it’s great! For me it’s worth the investment. But again, personal choice. I purchase through a woman I used to work for, who owns her own cleaning company. She doesn’t throw parties or aggressively go after people because she already has a business. I can appreciate that. Anyways thanks for the honesty and spreadsheet!


    • Yes, I just feel so uncomfortable at those parties. Especially if it’s at a friend’s house. I know they’re getting a deal for hosting and hoping that I’ll buy more so she can get more. I just don’t take my credit card or any cash.


  3. Matt says:

    My friends wife has been pushing this on everyone. So sad. How can anyone be so naive to believe that she is actually doing everyone a favor. Bug off and get a real job like most hard working Americans!


    • Interesting comment, Matt. I tend to keep my “get a real job” comment for people like that woman that reviews candy on youtube. Have you seen her? If you have kids, they likely know about her. She’s making big $$ off my kids alone. In any case, my shoulders go up anytime anyone mentions “home party” to me, but you can’t deny that the Norwex cloths work well.


  4. Hannah says:

    Iam not sure why I’m commenting on this since this was written years ago!!! Lol , but I wanted to stand up for Norwex. Yes they are spendy and yes they need to do something about shipping ! But their products are very effective and very very good quality! Once you try them you literally will not mind paying the price because they are that good!!! Norwex is more like an investment that continues to pay for itself over the years.😉 Iam a new consultant after trying Norwex one time 3 years ago and I like to give my customers discounts to help Norwex in their homes😁 I just believe in the products that much ☺️


    • Hannah – thanks for the comment. I’m not trying to diss Norwex. Like I mention in the post, I’ve got lots of great reviews on here for Norwex products and with the exception of a couple of products, I’ve been amazed by the cleaning results. I only like to also mention that ecloths generally perform the same, of are equal high quality, but a fraction of the price.


  5. I highly recommend anyone wanting to know more look at


  6. Ruthie says:

    The product is fantastic but where they fall short is the upcharge on all their shipping options. The shipping charge is too high!


  7. What can you tell me about the Norwax toothbrush? I’m considering buying one.


    • Susan – I very honestly don’t know anything about it, sorry. I have an electric toothbrush that I love and the dentist says my teeth look great so I’m leaving well enough alone 😉


    • Cali says:

      I’ve had mine for two years. I should’ve changed the head about a year ago but haven’t bought another pack – would be gross if it wasn’t a Norwex one. The bristles are still not frayed and look brand new. So they are worth the initial outlay. I would like to get some for my kids but pricey x 3!


  8. Ms Buckingham says:

    Cracks me up when one of their consultants Aaron Robinson from Vancouver, WA states “This is not an MLM company” then added an LOL what a joke.


  9. Horst says:

    Norwex is a huge scam


  10. Sandra says:

    Well Kate I must say that you are right! Thanks for doing that spreadsheet and helping me also to compare prices. I was basing it on the free stuff I received but like you said, it does make me uncomfortable asking friends to buy Norwex products for me even though I know they buy it anyway. Thanks for enlightening me!! I do appreciate your blog here, especially your honesty and unbiased reviews, Your customer service when I did order something was amazing as well.


    • Sandra – I didn’t mean to be “right”, my mathy mind just needed to know the numbers. But thanks for telling me I was right. My husband has stopped saying it – I guess he grew tired of always being wrong 😉

      I’m getting a little worried about the exchange rate though. “They” say we can expect the loonie to stay around 90 cents US for the next while. It’s still a good rate, but it’s hard to take when our dollar has been at par or better for the past few years.


  11. Sandra says:

    Kate, I have ordered both and like both. Your theory is that they both work well but e-cloth is so much cheaper. However, because I am in Canada, the shipping charges are a lot to add to the cost. I even ordered when some of them were on sale. So when I figured in the cost of shipping versus the free things I can get when I host a party and the deals the consultant sometimes has, it really didn’t seem to be cheaper. Maybe even more. But, yes, they both work great and I love them.


    • Hi Sandra: As a fellow Canadian, I agree, the ecloth shipping charges up here are high. But believe me when I say I’m not making any money on the shipping. USPS hiked their prices up last year and it seriously impacted our costs. Your comment sparked me to finally do a little comparison – something I’ve been meaning to do for months but never got around to (so thank you!). Geek that I am, I set up a spreadsheet to compare prices and I’ve pasted it into the main post, above (because for some reason I’m not able to put it in here). If you order a single NON-SALE cloth from e-cloth, yes, the shipping fee will make you feel… dirty and the price is the same as with Norwex. But if you order any of the package deals, or more than one cloth, or the mop, the shipping doesn’t hurt as much and prices are considerably cheaper than Norwex. Take a look at my nifty little spreadsheet…

      Yes, you can get free stuff when you host a Norwex party but personally, I felt guilty making my friends pay for my stuff.



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