e-cloth Introduces Universal Stone – Amazing eco-friendly Cleanser

This isn’t meant to be a review – I’ll do that another day. I just wanted to let you all know about this great new product that e-cloth is carrying.

universal stoneUniversal Stone is a true Wonder-Cleanser! It’s biodegradable, safe for kids and pets, cleans almost anything and is non-abrasive.

I’ve been using/testing it for about a year and haven’t come across much that it won’t clean. I do hope to get a proper review done in the near future, but in the meantime, here are some before and after pics…

For more information, please visit www.eclothusa.com

click on any image for a larger view

My favorite salad bowl – it was looking a little worse for ware.

My very dirty wooden back door

Years of tarnish on silverware

(please excuse the photos, I’ve discovered it’s hard to photograph silverware without getting shadows – believe me that the “after” shot is completely clean and untarnished)

Stained Countertop

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8 Responses to e-cloth Introduces Universal Stone – Amazing eco-friendly Cleanser

  1. Suzan Poukish says:

    Do ou use the Universal Stone with the Norwex Enviro cloth?


    • Suzan – yes, I have. The sponge that comes with the stone works better though. It allows the stone to bubble/suds up,whereas I find the Enviro cloth (or ecloth General Purpose) just soaks up and holds onto most of the solution. After using the sponge, you can use the Enviro cloth to wipe up the stone residue though.


  2. I have buildup on my glass shower door. I haven’t been able to remove it with conventional cleaners. Would this work? Also, how does it compare with Norwex paste? My sister has been able to get hard-water build up off of her clear glass drinking glasses with the Norwex paste and she is very happy with the results. That is why I’m wondering about it for my shower door.


    • Alissa – My first tip is to take some paper towels and soak them in vinegar and then just stick them to your glass doors. Leave them there for at least 10 minutes. That should dissolve the hard water stains and soapscum buildup. Then clean the doors with the Universal Stone. Universal Stone has glycerine in it and will help to prevent buildup again. I don’t find it effective on removing thick buildup or hard water stains – only for prevention.
      The norwex paste is slightly abrasive so if you’re using that, test a small area to make sure it doesn’t harm the glass.
      Really, the vinegar trick is the easiest/cheapest though.


  3. LeeAnn Mellinger says:

    I have used Norwex’s Cleaning paste and I like how it works. The price is a bit much though. From what you say, this will work every bit as well as their paste, if not better. And at 500g (17.637 oz.), it is a better deal for the money. I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks LeeAnn. Yes, the Universal Stone is great. I’ve used it everywhere that I’ve used the Norwex Paste with equal or better results. The only place where I found Norwex better was inside my oven. The Norwex Paste is just a tad gritty and was better at getting baked on gunk off the inside of the door.

      Thank you for the compliments on my blog!


  4. Connie Molnar says:

    If this works on grout, I’m in.



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