e-cloth 101: Cleaning Calculators and Phones

Remy goes through 3-4 day obsessions with things. He’ll pick something up and decide to “love” it for a few days. “Love” means carrying it where ever he goes, sleeping with it, kissing it, getting me to kiss it, taking it in the bathtub, sharing meals, you get the idea.

Last week it was little plastic rings, which were a real nuisance because they were hard to keep track of and if one was missing… FIT!

This week, it’s a calculator.

So what happens when an almost-2-year-old decides to share his honey-toast with a calculator? It get’s damned sticky, that’s what!

But look at how cute that is – how could I take it away from him?

how to clean a calculator with e-clothOff to the kitchen I go to get a damp General Purpose cloth and while I was gone, Mr. Sticky picked up the phone too.

He’s all business!

Remy loves his calculator and phoneBut no worries. Phone, calculators, remotes, keyboards, anything with small buttons is super easy to clean with a General Purpose e-cloth. Just dampen the cloth and wipe. It’ll get between the buttons and pick up the sticky, bacteria and any old dirt/grime too.

And you can use it on sticky little hands and faces too, just make sure to get them before they leave the table unless you want to be wiping walls and furniture too.

e-cloth cleans phones

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