e-body® Luxury Bath Towel – You’re going to HAVE to Share it

So… MY e-body® Luxury Bath Towel has become the FAMILY towel. Everyone loves it. Everyone is using it. The boys are fighting over who has to get out of the bath first because the first one out has to use it quickly and then pass it on. The last one out gets to snuggle in it for a while.

It’s a definite problem. I may have to get some more. But in the meantime, look at Remy loving it last night…

I know. He’s just too cute for words.

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5 Responses to e-body® Luxury Bath Towel – You’re going to HAVE to Share it

  1. Lori says:

    Why did E-Cloth quit selling those luxury bath towels? I love them so much.


    • Yes, those towels were truly luxury, weren’t they? We do still have the pet towels (which are the same, but brown). I think people just found them too expensive and they weren’t big sellers. Plus I think a lot of people were put off by the ivory colour, thinking they’d become dingy.


  2. Beth W. says:

    I have a question about this towel. I notice that it is white. I typically stay away from white towels. I also know that you can’t bleach microfiber, right? So, if you wash this (presumably in hot water like other e-cloths), do stains come out better than in cotton towels? Otherwise, I will have to wait until they come out with other colors…I really want to try it though. Thanks for all your reviews!


    • Hi Beth – Right, no bleach with any e-cloth or e-body product. The towels are, indeed white. To date, I haven’t had any staining on my towels and if there was, it came out in the wash. I’ve been putting a bit or Borax in the wash with mine just as an extra boost but I don’t think it’s been necessary so far.

      I did have a small stain on my e-body face mitt and it came out fine in the wash.

      Speaking from personal experience, the e-body bath towel is pure luxury. I’m in love! Are you a mom? Maybe you could ask for it for Mother’s day 😉



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