e-cloth® 101: Laundry Conundrum

What do you do with your e-cloths when they’re waiting to be laundered?

Please don’t say you throw them wet into a pile – my heart will break (and your microfiber cloths will get stinky!).

Sometimes mine sit, waiting, for a week or 10 days(!) before I launder them. I used to just drape them on the top of my washing machine until they were dry and then I’d throw them in the “no lint” laundry pile. But then I got wise…

After Christmas I pulled the “Command” hooks off the mantlepiece that I use for the stockings and put them on the side of my washing machine.

I know… I’m brilliant!

e-cloths waiting to be laundered

Commando hooks – with e-cloths waiting to be laundered

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering how I hang my e-cloths in the kitchen, check out this sweet little spinning thing Mum gave me. Who knows/cares what it’s really for.

e-cloths hanging in kitchen

If you’ve never heard of e-cloth®, welcome to a whole new world of chemical-free cleaning. Please check out eclothusa.com for more information.

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6 Responses to e-cloth® 101: Laundry Conundrum

  1. Michelle says:

    Is Dr. Meyers, Seventh Generation, or Ecos Laundry detergent an alternative to the Norwex detergent? Just trying to cut the cost. Norwex detergent is pricey.


  2. Jan Parriott says:

    We live in the country, so lots of dust and plant matter is tracked into the house. I’ve seen small bits of organic material embedded in my cloths and worry that the cloths will scratch my surfaces. (Well not the cloths, but the stuff tangled up in the cloth.) I usually put these into the rag-bag, sometimes after only one use – not cost effective! Am I just paranoid?


    • Hi Jan – If the cloths are loaded with gritty stuff, they may scratch items although I’ve never experienced it. If you’re using the cloths to dry dust with, you could just shake them out and re-use. With damp cloths, just rinse them in warm/hot water after use and that should dislodge anything that might scratch things. You’ll still have to launder them but hopefully not as frequently.


  3. Connie Molnar says:

    First, the spinning thing looks like something you would hang your brassieres on to dry. Second, I so miss living in England! Happily, our neighbors are English so we have lots to chat about. Third, my college son is off to Newcastle-under-Lyme for a one-week exchange program. Lucky kid!


    • Connie – thanks for the comment. I like your idea for hanging bras on the spinning thing but I’m confused by your references to England. I live in Canada. Did I miss something?



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