e-cloth® 101: When your Dog Rolls in Poop

The problem with a dog rolling in poop isn’t that it rolls in poop, it’s that it rolls in the stinkiest, ooziest and most vile poop.

Honk if your dog has rolled in horse poop. Hear anything? No? That’s because …

Dogs don’t roll in nice, mild-scented, easy to clean horse poop! No, they roll in stinky raccoon sh!t. Or even worse, human poop – but to be honest, my dogs think rolling in human poop is a waste of a good meal.

Have I disgusted you yet? I suppose if you don’t own a dog, you’re losing your lunch about now. But if you do own a dog, I can see you nodding your head: “yes, my dog rolls in poop too“.

This morning, I was playing trucks on the floor with the boys when I got a whiff of something I didn’t like. You already know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

dog roll in poopRoxy had just come in from the yard and was nuzzling into my shoulder when I notice her cheek and neck were smeared with crap. Raccoon crap to be precise. It’s the middle of winter for crying out loud. What are raccoons doing out in my yard? I was too disgusted to grab the camera so I “borrowed” this picture from townsandtrails. Seen something like this before?

So how do you clean poop off a dog?

I used to take the dogs to the shower in the basement. But then I had to lead them through the house – hoping they wouldn’t shake or rub on something – and then go through the awful ordeal of trying to give a dog that doesn’t like showers, a shower.

Then a few years ago I got a little wiser and changed my method to a bucket of water with a bit of dog shampoo and a towel. I’d wet the towel and then rub the dog. Rinse and wring out the towel and repeat. Pretty effective but…

Then I got REAL wise and started using a bucket of water (no shampoo) and my furniture e-cloth®. Soak the cloth, wring it out, wipe and repeat.

Why is the e-cloth better than a regular towel?

  1. It’s smaller but far more absorbent than a towel
  2. the microfiber picks up the poop and holds onto it instead of smearing it around.
  3. I don’t need any soap/shampoo that will strip the dogs coat of oils (the microfiber do the work instead of soap)
  4. It works so well that you can’t even smell the poop afterwards. This is saying a lot – especially when dealing with raccoon poop.

e-cloth® is coming out with a pet line very soon and I’ll most definitely be using the cleaning towel. But until then, my little Furniture e-cloth will be my dedicated pooper-wiper-upper.

For more information on everything e-cloth®, visit eclothusa.com

crofiber pet cleaning products

Coming SOON!

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4 Responses to e-cloth® 101: When your Dog Rolls in Poop

  1. Samantha says:

    Hi! Have you since tried the dog cleaning or grooming mitts? I have a dog with terrible allergies. Her skin sweats all the time and breeds bacteria and fungi like nothing I’ve ever seen and smelled before. Gets kind of pussy looking/feeling even though there’s no puss or anything like that. Anyway, she needs bathed twice weekly, and I was wondering if anyone had noticed a large improvement in a dog’s skin…. Also if the cleaning mitt was enough to release all dirt and oil or if you needed to use some soap too.


    • Samantha: it’s going to depend a little on the type of hair your dog has. The fibers on the mitts aren’t overly long so if you have a long-haired dog, the fibers may not reach right to the skin.


  2. Jessica H. says:

    Hi, your blog is most entertaining and useful too! Which of the e-cloths is best for cleaning up animal messes (throw-up, pee, poop) on carpet and sometimes all over themselves? I’m a dog breeder and when one puppy pees or poops they all do (it’s like a signal– “now is the time to poop”) the others track right through, play with each other, and get it all over! Also we have an elderly cat who throws up a lot– he runs to carpet for carpet or any soft, comfy surface instead of throwing up on convenient hard surfaces. I’d like to invest in some e-cloths but am not sure which ones– general purpose? Bathroom? I can’t afford to try all of them as we are on a seriously tight budget.


    • Jessica – glad to hear you’re getting some info (and minor laughs) from my blog. I use a General Purpose cloth for cleaning dog puke/poop/pee. Usually I pick most of up in a bag or paper towel and then do the final wipe with a damp General Purpose cloth. Then I rinse the cloth and put it away to be laundered. If there’s another doggie mess before I launder it, I use the same cloth again.

      The general purpose cloth is also good at soaking messes up out of carpet. Just blot the spot with a dry General Purpose cloth and then follow up with it damp.

      We have a few of General Purpose 2 for 1 sale cloths left (they were gone but we found an extra box in the warehouse). Check our sale page for those – I expect they’ll be gone in the next day or two. Otherwise, the 4-pack would be the best deal for you.



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