e-cloth® 101: How to Dry Wet Bogs and Boots

Way back before we had kids, while “tramping” the soggy trails of New Zealand, I learned that even the most waterproof hiking boots can get wet inside. For instance, if the “trail” is a 3 ft deep creek that you follow for 3 or 4 km, your boots are gonna get wet. Or, if you decide you have to walk under a waterfall, your boots are gonna get wet. Or if you leave your boots outside to air out and it starts to rain, bingo, they’re wet.

Sometimes you’re going to want to wear those boots the next day. How to dry them? Stuff them with newspaper. When it gets wet, replace it. Best not to wad the paper too tightly.

Sound hokey? Well stop laughing because it works.

Now you’re probably wondering what made me think of that today. Well…Guess what I learned today: If you dress your kid in their snowsuit and a pair of Bogs boots, and you’re careful to tuck the boots inside the leg of the snowsuit so no snow will get in, there is suddenly a very direct pipe from the “pee valve” to the toes?

Accidents don’t happen often at our house but when they do, they’re interesting.

As many a thrifty-mom will know, kid’s Bogs have a great resale value on Kijiji/Craig’s list etc. And this was what I was thinking as I grabbed a few e-cloths and shoved them into the boots. I don’t know how long it took for them to dry but when I reached in an hour later, the e-cloths were damp and the boots were dry and there was no smell. I sprinkled a bit of baking soda in afterwards just to be on the safe side.

How to dry wet bogs boots

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8 Responses to e-cloth® 101: How to Dry Wet Bogs and Boots

  1. Elizabeth Pacheco says:

    I hope the e cloth trick works. My kindergartener just came home from school with a pee filled Bog after an accide t at recess today. 😦


    • Those darned Bogs… they’re the perfect receptacle for pee if the pants are tucked in… and then they don’t let the pee out. I’d give the boots a good rinse first then put the e-cloths in there. good luck!


  2. Anon says:

    This is so smart, and also, timely. My oldest is going on a campout, in the snow, this weekend. 2 e cloths will be going with him to wick up moisture from his boots overnight.


  3. Megan says:

    Brilliant. I had never considered this!



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