e-cloth® Washing-Up Pad Review: A Sponge-hater Converted

5 stars for the ecloth non-scratch washing up sponge and scrubberIn a Nutshell: the e-cloth® Washing-up Pad fits well in my hand, can be used with or without dish detergent, has a scrubber that’s safe on all surfaces, and has changed my mind about using a sponge to wash dishes! And my mother, who is even LESS of a sponge-user than I, just ordered 2!

This darned sponge-scrubber came in my “big box of e-cloth” and I’ll admit that it stayed in the box for 3 months (if you’re new here, I ordered one of almost every e-cloth® item a year ago so I could test them out and compare them to the Norwex products I was selling). Occasionally, I’d pick it up and think about using it but then throw it back in the box. I did not like washing dishes with a sponge.

5 Reasons Why Sponges Used to Give me the Heebie-Jeebies:

  1. they always get bits of food stuck in them that I can’t get out
  2. sometimes I see used sponges with hair (pet or human) stuck in them. Bleck!
  3. they’re too squishy
  4. imagine the bacteria growing in them!
  5. They’re basically indestructible these days so I never know when to get rid of/change them.

Who knows what finally made me try it. Maybe because it was voted Best Scrubber by REAL SIMPLE magazine. But more likely, I was thinking “I’ll just try the darned thing to say that I did and then I’ll get rid of it“.

Click on any of the photos above for a closer look.

Admittedly, it took me a couple of weeks to come around to the bright side and I kept a dish cloth beside my sink along with the Washing-up Pad. But 9 months later, that darned sponge is usually the only thing by my sink (along with a gluttony of hand and face-washing cloths for the messy boys) and is most definitely my go-to dish washing thingy.

10 Things I Like about the e-cloth Washing Up Pad

  1. it’s contoured and fits nicely in my hand
  2. it’s firm – not squishy
  3. it’s great for washing drinking glasses
  4. I can just dampen it and wipe the outside of my son’s sippy cup. He likes to carry his sippy cup around the house with him after meals and slowly sip away. But they’re usually smeared with food/sauce/milk after a meal. The Washing Up Pad wipes all the grease and food off easily so then he can keep using the cup without me worrying about him getting grease all over the house. It’s also good for wiping the tray for the booster seat.
  5. it’s machine washable (and is guaranteed for 300 washings!)
  6. you can boil it so if you’re worried about bacteria, just boil it for 10 minutes
  7. the scrubber is pretty good and very gentle. Like any non-scratch scrubber, there are some messes that it just isn’t scrubby enough for but it is great for frying pans, stove tops, baking pans, pots, etc. I’ve also used the scrubber several times on my painted walls to get “I don’t know what that dried up gunk is” off without ruining the paint.
  8. I have yet to see a hair stuck in it. Food does get stuck in the scrubby side though, but it always comes out in the washing machine.
  9. I love it for cleaning my kitchen sink.
  10. the scrubber and microfiber have both held up really well and I can tell even after 9 months of use, it’s still got lots of life in it. The pics below show some minor staining on the microfiber side and some pilling of the scrubbing side but that has not impacted its performance.

Click on any of the photos above for a closer look.

So Do You Use Soap with this Thing or Not?

Good question. I had it myself! The wonderful thing about e-cloths is that they clean surfaces with just water  – no sprays or cleansers required. I’ve been OK (thrilled, actually) with that all over my house but for some reason I’m having difficulty ceasing the use of dish soap.

I put the question to Al Coviello, CEO of TADGreen Inc., and here is his response:

The Pad is to designed to be used with no detergent if you are preparing dishes, pots, pans for a dishwasher (think green, think saving money).  If you are washing dishes, pots, pans not to be put in a dishwasher, you may or may not add detergent.  You can use dish detergent with the Pad any time you want to on either side of the Pad.

Personally, I’ve not yet been able to put my dish detergent to rest so I still use it. But the choice is yours.


  • See my list of 10, above!
  • oh, and I’m really amazed at how “clean” the yellow microfiber has stayed. I’ve used it to clean some pretty black messes but it continues to wash fairly clean – unlike most of my other e-cloths that have some pretty significant staining.


  • you need 2 because you’re going to like it so much that you’ll be upset when it’s in the wash. I only have one 😦
  • you know those dark-colored grease spots that you get on Pyrex/glass baking dishes? I don’t find the scrubber effective on those unless I soak the dish first.

For more information or to purchase the e-cloth Washing Up Pad, visit eclothusa.com.

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8 Responses to e-cloth® Washing-Up Pad Review: A Sponge-hater Converted

  1. Bethany W says:

    Hello Kate –

    I’ve been all over your site in the last 48 hours. Absolutely thankful I came across you. Many of the e-cloth products make sense to me — but I’m having a hard time springing for this sponge. When I checked it out on amazon, many people said that it just didn’t last for them.

    Are you still in love with this sponge like you were back in Jan 2013?

    And how well do you find stuff rinses out from these sponges? Some scribes make it so tricky to get gunk out…

    I wish the backpacking community would more heartily discover microfiber cloths for cleaning. I would totally use these to wash my dishes while in the back country! (Not like I’m there much now that we have tiny kids…)


    • Bethany W says:


      (thank you, autocorrect)


    • Hi Bethany. I’m so happy to hear that my blog has helped you. I am actually STILL using the same two sponges! There is some wear on one end of the scrubby side of one but otherwise they have held up well. The have maintained their shape, are relatively stain free (but would probably look discoloured next to a new one) and are 100% stink-free. I took a few photos of them for you but I don’t seem able to add them to the comments so I’m going to email them to you and I’ll add an update to the original post showing them.


  2. Brandi says:

    I am confused in general about all of these products. The primary reason why I would want to buy something like this sponge is to know 1- that there’s no bacteria left on my stuff when I’m done cleaning with them, and 2- that the sponge isn’t sitting there growing a little microcosm of bacteria which will then be re-transferred back to whatever surface I just cleaned. That is the whole reason why sponges are never recommended in the first place…and the reason why they stink so bad! Without the silver that’s in Norwex, how do these products inhibit the growth of bacteria when they are just sitting there in their own little pool of bacteria growing moistness?


    • Brandi, if you haven’t already, I’d suggest reading my post on how the silver works in Norwex and perhaps also how to launder Norwex cloths. They might provide some useful info to you.

      e-cloths have undergone extensive testing and shown that if you simply rinse them well after use, over 99% of any bacteria in the cloth is rinsed away. Then you just need to hang them and let them dry. Sure, if you’re leaving them balled up on the counter or in a room with no ventilation where they take days to dry, bacteria will grow (this will even happen to Norwex cloths with silver in them), but in most normal circumstances, they’ll be fine. So, really, there is no need for the silver.

      As for dishwashing, all ecloths remove over 99% of bacteria, but if you’re washing in a sink full of soapy water, the water/soap will just wash bacteria away. The e-cloth Washing-up pad can AND SHOULD be washed regularly. You can wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer or hang it to dry. I have had mine for well over a year and it still looks great and has never gotten smelly.

      Norwex also has a sponge for dishwashing (the spirisponge). It does not have silver in it. It can be washed in the dishwasher but cannot be put in the dryer. I like it as a scrubber but had an issue with it in that the silver colour of it disappears as you use it, making me wonder if I was eating it off the dishes/utensils I used it on.

      As an aside, I get a lot of comments from Norwex and e-cloth users. Of all the comments about both brands of cloths, the ones that have been mentioned to stink the most are the Norwex Kitchen cloths – even though they have silver in them. The problem seems to be that people like to use them as dish cloths. Generally, people do their dishes, then wring the cloth out and hang it to dry. Or perhaps they even give it a quick rinse and then wring and hang. But the grease and detergent coat the silver and prevent it from working. I’m not saying they always get stinky but that cloth in particular has been the number 1 complaint (to me) for stinky cloths.


  3. Anon says:

    I’ve had mine a week, and it’s all I’ve used in the kitchen. I wipe down counters, do the hand dishes (with soap) and then toss it into the DW to wash with all my other dishes. In the morning it is clean and ready to go for the day. I love it….LOTS.


    • Hi Anon – thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad to hear you’re getting some good use out of your washing up pad. @ things to remember if you’re washing it in your dishwasher:
      1) make sure there is no bleach in your dishwasher detergent – it will destroy the fibers
      2) launder it in your washing machine occasionally as e-cloth microfiber needs the agitation in addition to the hot water to loosen grease and soil from the fibers.



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