e-cloth Sale – Something for the Car-Lover in your Life

We just got our first bit of snow of the season so hand-washing my car is not high on my to-do list right now. Who am I kidding? Washing my car is never a priority for me. But it is for some people so lets be a little sneaky

Stick an e-auto car-washing Kit into their stocking this Christmas. These are NICE cloths and mitts and work incredibly. People love them. And at $14.99, they’re an absolute steal!

ecloth eauto car wash kit on SALE

Most of our e-auto cloths and mitts are on sale. But only for one week. Don’t miss out!

Oh and we’ve still got some of the awesome screen cleaning packs available. Limited quantity. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Another super-great stocking stuffer! (I know, this picture is crazy and difficult to understand – click on it and it will take you to a page that has a little video showing how it works)cleansafe-screen-cleaning-kit2-ecloth

For more information on these and all our sale items, please visit eclothusa.com

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2 Responses to e-cloth Sale – Something for the Car-Lover in your Life

  1. bsboen says:

    Yes, the e-auto car washing kit is great. The mitt works great on the dirt and grime that accumulates and the drying cloth does a great job as well. As for the window cloth, just as with the other window e-cloths this one is colored a little different so you can know its for the car, it does a wonderful job on those sometimes ignored windows in your vehicle.



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