e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing Cloth Review – Why Can’t Everything be so Simple?

5 stars for the ecloth Glass & Polishing window clothIn a Nutshell:

The e-cloth® Glass & Polishing Cloth is a silky dream for cleaning all things glass or shiny. It doesn’t bunch up like some window polishing cloths and even your kids will enjoy using it. Worth every penny!

If you’re wondering how the e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing cloth compares to the Norwex Window cloth, scroll down – I’ll address that later.

Old House with a New Shine

living in an old house - no such thing as a quick fix

MAJOR bathroom issues.

The beauty of living in a 140 year old house is that you expect things to look worn and weary. So I kinda let things slide in the cleaning department. But lately we’ve had some major issues with our bathrooms and have had to replace the fixtures. HORROR! These new fixtures are shiny and scratchless! This is an absolute nightmare for a “let it slide” cleaner like me.

And my God, the new glassed in shower. Beautiful but… ummm, Water Spots!

shiny spot-free bathroom fixtures thanks to e-cloth

Ooo, looky. Shiny.

So I’ve had to re-think the way I clean things and the e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing cloth is quickly becoming my BFF. (did I really just type BFF? I’ve been reading my niece’s facebook page too much)

What is this Glass & Polishing e-cloth®, anyway?

It’s a very finely woven microfiber cloth engineered (as an engineer-turned-stay-at-home-mom, I like to throw that word in whenever I can) specifically for polishing glass and shiny things like chrome or granite or stainless steel or jewelry. It has a silky texture that only slightly “grabs” onto your skin – unlike some of the plusher e-cloths – so you don’t get the heebie-jeebies when you hold it.

The weave of this cloth does not allow for it to have a finished edge so it looks like it’s been cut with pinking shears. But fear not, after 10 months of use, mine has held up well, as you can see in the photo. The edges curl up a bit and very slightly fray but the cloth is very much intact.

e-cloth Glass & Polishing cloth does not have a finished edge but it doesn't fall apart

What Do You Use the Glass & Polishing e-cloth® for?

Not to give anyone any ideas, but perhaps this is the cloth teenagers want to wipe their fingerprints off Daddy’s booze stash with. You use it with a bit of water (either spray some on the surface or slightly dampen the cloth) to clean windows, mirrors, etc.

This cloth is meant for light cleaning and polishing so if you’ve got really dirty, sticky windows, mirrors, stainless appliances, etc., try using a damp General Purpose e-cloth first and follow up with this one. The Glass & Polishing e-cloth is great for:

  • windows and sills
  • mirrors
  • glass stovetops
  • stainless steel appliances
  • faucets, taps and shower fixtures
  • glass shower doors
  • granite (or any shiny) countertops
  • car detailing – it’s really good at removing that film on the inside of the windshield.
  • glass doorknobs
  • jewelry
  • anything that makes you say “ooo, pretty, shiny, thing“.
  • this is a weird one but I really like it for washing my face. From comments I’ve gotten, I’m not alone in this.

What Don’t You Use the Glass & Polishing e-cloth® for?

Just a couple of things, but this is important:

  • tv and computer screens – use the Screen Cleaning Pack instead because this cloth will take the protective coating off your expensive screen
  • real sticky messes – this cloth will work, but give yourself a break and use a General Purpose e-cloth for the tough cleaning. It’s easier. Then just follow up with the Glass & Polishing e-cloth.


  1. Like it promises, the Glass & Polishing e-cloth cleans my windows and mirrors quickly and leaves them streak free. Occasionally I can see a film left on the glass, but that’s my signal to wash the cloth.
  2. My 3 year old son can clean the windows and no matter how “poorly” he does it, they still come out spotless
  3. Regardless of how I shine the light on my glassed in shower, you can’t see spots on it.
  4. I have zero, count them ZERO bottles of glass or window cleaner in my house.
  5. It’s got a fantastic guarantee/warranty and with proper care will last years.


  1. still thinking
  2. Oh here’s one. It doesn’t have a loop for hanging it up. Again, the weave of the cloth doesn’t allow for sewing things onto it.

How Does the e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth Compare to the Norwex Window Cloth?

  • these 2 cloths both have a very fine weave but they feel completely different from one another. The e-cloth has a silkier texture and the Norwex one is a bit stiffer. The e-cloth is very similar to the Norwex car cloth – which I’ve mentioned before is a fabulous window cleaner.
  • Click on the image below to zoom in and get a real good look at the weave.
ecloth vs norwex window cloth

Gray e-cloth® Glass & Polishing cloth VS Purple Norwex Window Cloth

  • the Norwex cloth is “grabbier” on my fingers and on mirrors and windows. I find it really drags across mirrors so it bunches up a lot, which I find frustrating. My solution is to fold it up as small as possible. I haven’t encountered this problem with the e-cloth.
  • e-cloth is 20″ x 16 “. Norwex is 17″ x 17”.
  • e-cloth is $7.99. Norwex is $19.99 (wowza!).
  • e-cloth has a 300 washings (5.5 – 6 yrs) guarantee. Norwex has a 2 year warranty.
  • Performance-wise, both of these cloths are amazing. I find the e-cloth more comfortable in my hand and it glides over glass more easily but there is no disputing that both cloths leave my mirrors, windows and shower fixtures spotless. I’ve tried them both on really dirty windows and tested strange things like toothpaste, hair gel, lipstick, dried up shaving cream, hand lotion, soap and Vicks Vaporub on my bathroom mirror. Honestly – and I do mean HONESTLY – I couldn’t find any difference in either the performance or result. I even took some pictures but you can’t see anything but me pointing a camera at the mirror so tough luck, no pickies for you.
  • I find both cloths occasionally leave a haze on my mirrors and windows. You can’t see the haze if you’re looking directly at the glass, only if you view it from the side. This is a sign that the cloth needs to be laundered or has detergent residue in it. I sometimes put a bit of vinegar in my washing machine to make sure all the detergent is rinsed out of the cloths.

Will you regret buying the Glass & Polishing e-cloth®?

Absolutely not!

For more information or to order the Glass & Polishing e-cloth®, please visit eclothusa.com

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6 Responses to e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing Cloth Review – Why Can’t Everything be so Simple?

  1. Lyssa says:

    I’m having trouble with the fact that this cloth has no loop for hanging. What do you do with your cloth after using it if you can’t hang it up to dry?


  2. beth says:

    Do you recommend it for stainless steel? I am so over the streaks.


    • Beth – the glass & polishing cloth is fantastic for stainless appliances BUT… if you (or the manufacturer) has used any sort of polish on it in the past, you have to remove it first. The cloth will remove some of the polish on it’s own but it will leave your fridge/stove looking like a horrible, streaky mess. The streaks are the result of some of the polish still being there and some being gone. e-cloth and Norwex both say that you can remove the polish with a General Purpose (or Norwex Enviro cloth) but I’m telling you, I’ve tried and that’ll take hours of scrubbing. You can also try a bit of dish detergent with the General Purpose cloth but again, many hours (I’ve experimented with soap, baking soda, and all sorts of other home-made remedies with no luck). The easiest way to remove the polish is with the Universal Stone. It is ridiculously easy – in a matter of minutes, with next to no scrubbing – it removes the polish.

      Once all the polish is removed, it’s very easy to keep your stainless appliances clean with an e-cloth. It’s just a matter of wiping every day (or whenever) with your Glass & Polishing cloth or, if you find the steel is getting really dirty/fingerprints (young kids around, maybe), then I’d recommend wiping with a General Purpose cloth first and then following up with the Glass & Polishing cloth.

      I’ve mentioned the Universal Stone above. It’s a great all-round cleanser that is completely non-abrasive and safe on your appliances (and almost everything else you can think of). The Norwex paste will also work but PLEASE TEST IT FIRST. The norwex paste is slightly abrasive and can scratch your stainless appliances.

      Hope this helps!


  3. Val says:

    I know this post is old, but the one picutre shows the ecloth glass cloth as yellowish, and the other shows it as black. I went to purchase and it looks like the ecloth is sold as a two-step process for $14.99 now. Is this the review for when it was sold as a single cloth? How does the 2-pack compare? I was going to order after reading this post, but if the ecloth is a two step process for almost the same price of the Norwex 1 step process (window cloth), I’m leaning towards the Norwex. I’d love to see an updated review. Is the yellow one pictured above the same as the discontinued (no more chemicals) yellow window cleaner on the site? If so, I’ll purchase that one – but it doesn’t look like it because the yellow one available looks like it has stitched edges (not pinking sheared). Thanks!


    • Val – I think you must have been looking at some of the value packs (bathroom/kitchen/steel, etc.). Those are sold in a 2-pack with a shaggy cloth and a Glass cloth.

      The glass & polishing cloth can be purchased on its own, here. We also sometimes offer it on sale 2 for 1 so maybe worth checking the sale page too, here.

      The “2 step” process is not always necessary, but when it is necessary, it would be the same for either Norwex or e-cloth. If the windows are a “regular” degree of dirty (like fingerprints, dust, dog lick, etc), the glass cloth will work fine on its own. It will also work for VERY dirty windows but it’s easier if you use a shaggier cloth (e-cloth General Purpose or Norwex Enviro) cloth first. I recommend for dirty windows (like outside, or where kids have put food/paint/etc. on them, to use a shaggier cloth first. This way, your glass cloth is only doing lighter cleaning and can be used on more windows. Like I said, the polishing cloth is capable of doing tough work, but it will get dirtier quicker and if you’ve got lots of windows to do, the cleaner you keep the cloth, the better the “finished” result. This is the same for the Norwex cloths.

      E-cloth also has the “window pack”. This includes a waffle-weave cloth and the polishing cloth. The waffle-weave cloth would replace the “shaggy” cloth described above. It has been found to clean glass and vinyl better than the shaggier cloths and leaves less moisture so there’s less work for the polishing cloth afterwards.

      I don’t think there’s any need to update the review as nothing has changed.

      I have not actually felt/used the No More Chemicals cloth. This is a separate brand is some old stock (from I don’t know where) that they found in the warehouse. Looking at the picture, it appears similar to the Norwex window cloth (similar weave and finished edging) but I can’t be sure of that. It is smaller than both the e-cloth and Norwex ones though.



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