e-cloth ® Sale: Best Prices Yet!

Typically I don’t like to push the “Christmas” thing on the day after Halloween, but eclothusa.com is having a GREAT sale right now and some of the items are very limited in quantity (discontinued colors) so I thought I’d let you know.

I know, I know…e-cloth ® for Christmas? Really? SNORE!

Am I right?

Of course I’m right – I’m never wrong. Just ask my husband. But Ho-Ho-Hold on now. They’re great stocking stuffers and when Jr. spills his eggnog all over the couch, well, you’ve got something to sop it up with.

There are a number of e-cloths on sale but this is the pack that caught my eye and my #1 pick:

e-cloth® 3 Piece Value Pack – $11.99

ecloth value pack general purpose and glass cloths

Save 50% with this pack

The price on this is even better than on the Starter Pack which is my usual #1 recommendation. This pack includes:

  • 2 General Purpose cloths and
  • 1 Glass & Polishing cloth.
  • The cloths are discontinued colors and the pack is in very limited supply.

If you’re new to e-cloth ®, I’d recommend buying 2 of these packs. That way you’ve got 4 General Purpose cloths (1 for kitchen, 1 for bathroom, 1 for everywhere else, and 1 for when the other 3 are being laundered) and 2 Glass & Polishing cloths (1 for bathrooms and 1 for everywhere else).

If you’ve got a house full of e-cloths, then you know what a great deal this is!

For a full listing of the sale items, check out eclothusa.com

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6 Responses to e-cloth ® Sale: Best Prices Yet!

  1. I saw the sale ad for the 3-pc value pack too and would like to jump on that before it sells out. Just wondering if the facial cleansing cloths you’ve mentioned in previous cloths are out yet? You said sometime this fall. I’d like to get it all in one shipment if possible to save costs. Thanks!


  2. Peggy says:

    Another great day yesterday! 1 general purpose cloth and one polisher and the windows are done inside and out, the woodwork around them is wiped clean. the frames are done all around and the channels and grooves are gunkless! All that with 2 cloths and water. Not a cleaning product in sight



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