e-cloth ® 101: How to Remove Halloween Makeup

So you’re all ghouled up in green and black makeup and you’ve got your husband dolled up in lipstick and glitter and your kids are covered in a mixture of makeup, melted chocolate and sticky, candy drool.

Now everyone’s getting a tad “testy” from the sugar high and you’ve remove-halloween-makeup-with-eclothstill got to get that freaky makeup off! Asking yourself “Why, oh why, oh WHY did I put so much makeup around kiddo’s eyes?“.

Well my friends, you can search the net for a myriad of solutions for removing Halloween makeup – or you can just dampen a General Purpose e-cloth® and wipe it all off.

Need more? Here are 3 Reasons to pull an e-cloth® out of the cleaning cabinet and start stocking it with your towels:

  1. It’s tear-free: no soap, oils, or cleansers required (think of how nice this is gonna be for around young eyes!)
  2. It’s gentle: no scrubbing, just gentle wiping
  3. It’s fast: really. So squirmy kids and grumpy husbands won’t have time to whinge about being away from their candy/scary movie.

But Kate, oh Wise One“, I hear you ask “does it work on all Halloween makeup?“. Wise girl that I am, I respond with “it most definitely works on…”:

  • faux blood
  • glitter (really, I can’t think of an easier way to get this stuff off)
  • body paint
  • lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, powders
  • fake tattoos (again, incredibly easy with the General Purpose e-cloth ®)

Happy Halloween, everyone. Have a safe and scary night. It’s supposed to be rainy and cold here so I may just forgo the makeup and sit in front of the tv with a huge bowl of candy.

For more information, please visit eclothusa.com.

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2 Responses to e-cloth ® 101: How to Remove Halloween Makeup

  1. tinagleisner says:

    Too funny, just finished my own Halloween post the other day and now it’s time to write a green article. Love how people are taking this simple product & finding more creative uses for it.



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