Hey Australia: Looking for e-cloth ®? I Can Help.

Living in Australia and having trouble finding e-cloth ® products? Well apparently you’re not alone. Recently, I’ve had several inquiries from Australians looking to purchase e-cloths. It likely seems a bit ridiculous to order from me – far off on the other side of the planet – but from what I hear, the price is right.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship e-cloths to Australia?

This depends on your exact location but from the orders we’ve shipped so far you can expect:

  • $8US for up to about 5 cloths
  • $11-$13US for 6-9 cloths
  • $45US for the mop (I know, this is drastic! Sorry)

Please just use these shipping costs as a rough guide. They’re averages based on orders we’ve sent in the past and rates vary depending on what part of Australia you’re in.

How to Order e-cloth ® Products from Australia

  1. Take a look through elcothusa.com and make a note of which products you’d like to order. Then contact mewith:
    • the list of items
    • your full mailing address (this is critical, please don’t forget)
  2. It will take us a day or so, but we’ll get back to you with a shipping quote and your grand total (in $US).
  3. You pay with PayPal and we ship your package
  4. Keep in mind that it will likely take 14 to 21 business days for your package to arrive.

How Do We Calculate Shipping Rates to Australia?

The friendly (and VERY accommodating) people in the shipping department actually put a box together with your wish list items and take it to the post office to get the rate. I’m sure you can appreciate that this takes some added effort on the part of some very busy people so please take care in making your e-cloth wish list.

What About Shipping to New Zealand?

Oh New Zealand, how I love thee. You are NOT an afterthought, trust me. My husband and I were lucky enough to spend almost 3 months there a few…my God! was it 10 years ago?!?! Sigh. Sorry… daydreaming there… I haven’t actually had any orders from NZ yet so I can’t provide any estimates here, BUT I’ll be more than happy to get a quote for you. Just follow the directions above and we’ll sort you out.

Still have Questions?

Please, please, please feel free to ask me a question through the comments here or through eclothusa.com.


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4 Responses to Hey Australia: Looking for e-cloth ®? I Can Help.

  1. Gwen says:

    I am a recent convert to this type of cleaning and had purchased some Norwex products, which I am very happy with. When I found Kate’s blog and read through the comprehensive info she has about e-cloths, I couldn’t wait to try them. I love to research a new product online before purchasing and really appreciate all the info you have on here Kate!
    I found Kate a real pleasure to purchase from and her followup and communication was excellent. Postage to Qld Australia only took about 2 weeks and I am happy to say that the e-cloths have performed as well as, and in some instances better than my (much more expensive!) Norwex cloths.
    I’m spreading the word down under about e-cloths!!


    • Gwen – thank you so much for taking the time to comment and your kind words. I hope you get many years of healthy cleaning with your e-cloths! I was thinking of you this morning as I walked our son to school. It was our first chilly morning as we go into Fall and I couldn’t help but think about you heading into Spring. Lucky you!


  2. kerrie lancaster says:

    WOW,I love the e-cloth,now I actually enjoy mopping my wooden floors,it’s so easy to use and does an amazing job. I live in Australia and found it cheaper to buy this from the USA than in my own country(including postage),It took about 10days to get to my home in NSW,which is expected.
    Kate is amazing,from the other side of the world my e-mails were answered super quick.I will definitely be buying more products from Kate.Thank you so much Kate,I couldn’t be happier with this e-cloth mop.



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