Woot! Woot! – My FAVORITE Kitchen e-cloth® is on Sale!

Oh, this is a happy day. My favorite microfiber cloth for the kitchen is on sale. The Kitchen e-cloth has all the benefits of the super-duper e-cloth microfiber cleaning power PLUS, it’s got a little corner with a non-scratch scrubber on it. Perfect for that stubborn glob of dried jam on the counter.

But wait – here’s what I really like about the Kitchen e-cloth. You can flip that little scrubber corner over and the inside is lined with microfiber. So, if you don’t need a scrubber, it’s not getting in the way. Scroll through these pictures and you’ll see what I mean (click on any of them for a larger view). For more information, check this out.

If you’re someone that finds the little scrubby corner a bit to small, we’ve also got the Stainless Steel e-cloth on sale. Don’t let the name fool you, you can use it anywhere. I use the Stainless Steel cloth a lot and I don’t even have any stainless steel appliances.

Visit eclothusa.com to see all our sale items and more.

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2 Responses to Woot! Woot! – My FAVORITE Kitchen e-cloth® is on Sale!

  1. Pam says:

    How would you suggest cleaning grime and finger prints from beautiful finished burch kitchen cabinets? I don’t want to ruin the finish.


    • Pam, any damp e-cloth will work. It’ll remove fingerprints easily and will not harm the finish. The damp ecloth will remove grease, grime, oil and etc. No need for any cleansers or sprays.



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