e-cloth AMAZING SALE on all Specialized Cleaning e-cloths!

Are you ready for this? I just got the go-ahead to offer a special package with all our specialized e-cloths for an amazing price. This is due to overstock and the sale will only be available until Aug 31. If you’ve been on the fence about these cloths, this is the time to buy.

$39.99 for 8 cloths. Regular price is $63.92!

ecloth total package includes all the e-cloth specialized microfiber cleaning cloths

This package includes:

  • one kitchen e-cloth (my favorite e-cloth!)
  • one Window e-cloth (waffle-weave for lint-free windows)
  • one Stainless Steel e-cloth (little scrubbers for sticky messes)
  • one Range and Stovetop e-cloth (more little scrubbers for bigger, stickier messes)
  • one dusting e-cloth (trust me, you’ll like this!)
  • one bathroom e-cloth (more plush than our other cloths so it’s more absorbant and great for cleaning grout)
  • two Glass & Polishing e-cloths (for the streak-free finish on all your windows, mirrors and bling)

For more information, visit eclothusa.com

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5 Responses to e-cloth AMAZING SALE on all Specialized Cleaning e-cloths!

  1. Interest in E-Clothes says:

    This package looks like a great deal, but my question is “How do you keep all of the clothes and there uses straight?” It looks like it could get very confusing. Is there a manual that comes with these to tell you how and where to use these clothes and give you the best suggestions?


    • Hi – thanks for the question. Actually it’s all very easy. All you have to remember is to use them flat (not all bunched up), with our without water (depending on whether your dusting or not). The name of each cloth is on the label so you won’t mix them up. They all work the same great way. And if you ever need tips on how or where to use them, I’ve got lots here on my blog or at eclothusa.com. I find new uses for them daily.


  2. Gem says:

    I just “discovered” Norwex at a party and hosted my own very successful party (got a free mop!), but while researching microfiber I discovered your reviews of e-cloth, so the the next microfiber I purchase will be e-cloth (maybe even this set)!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your “30 Days of Norwex Cleaning” posts and am wondering, have you ever tried to use an e-cloth to clean out the dryer? I’m talking about that space under the lint trap that also collects lint. I have a brush to clean mine, but the bristles are sharp and painful if you accidentally touch them (which happens frequently), and today the bristles started falling off. I tried unsuccessfully to wrap my Envirocloth around the brush–couldn’t get it to stay. Any ideas?


    • Hi Gem. Congrats on getting the free mop! You’re going to love it, I’m sure.

      I don’t know if I can help you with your dryer issue. My dryer is ancient and the lint trap is at the back and the hole under it goes a long way down the back. I sometimes stick my General Purpose or dusting e-cloth down there to clean it out. I’m not sure I understand what is happening with your brush. I’m having trouble figuring out why you need the brush (this is due to my lack of knowledge of dryers less than 30 yrs old, not your method). Could you hold the the cloth on with an elastic? Did you get the Norwex dusting mitt? could you put that over the brush and then put an elastic around the end to hold it on?

      Not much help, sorry. I’d love to hear an update. Or if you can provide more info, maybe I can help more.



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