Disturbing Mental Images – The One Thing e-cloth Won’t Wipe Away

So the other night, I’m walking to my book club meeting (which ended up more of a sex discussion than a book discussion since only 3 of us had actually read the book. I was not one of the three) and out of no where this God-awful image pops into my head.  I’m almost certain that it’s my inability to erase this disturbing image from my brain that is preventing me from remembering important things, like my husband’s “new” (2 years!) cell number.

I can no longer live alone with this disturbing image. The burden is too much. I MUST share it with you.

Queue wavy lines and memory music…

Picture me in my engineering days. Sitting quietly at my desk. Working so hard. Brow furrowed, pencil in hand, calculator at the ready, pouring over design drawings. Deep in thought. I am the definition of concentration.

Unbeknownst to me, the office creepy guy (who incidentally thinks he’s God’s Gift to woman and engineering. Huge ego. Know the kind of guy I’m talking about?) heads over to talk to the guy who sits as the desk across from me. It’s an open office concept and this guy’s desk faces mine with a walkway between us. Got it?

So “Creepy Guy” is talking to “Across the Walkway Guy” and just as I look up, “Creepy Guy” splays his legs and bends at the waist to put his elbows on the desk of “Across the Walkway Guy”. So he’s bent at a 90 degree angle with his rear end just a few short feet from my face.

Yes, this would be bad enough. But no. “Creepy Guy” must add icing to this tasteless cake. He must add something that – to this day – sends shivers down my spine and puts my gag reflex on call. “Creepy Guy” is wearing some kind of pants that you can almost see through. And under those almost see through pants, he’s wearing a black thong.

I wonder if sharing this will wipe it from my brain.

Got any disturbing images you’d like to offload?

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