e-cloth ® Rated Best Washable Microfiber Cloth & Mop by REAL SIMPLE & Featured on the Today Show!

I’m going to be famous! OK, I’m not going to be famous. But e-cloth ® is. If you haven’t already heard, the e-cloth ® Deep Clean Microfiber Mop will be featured on the Today Show (May 4, 2012 – 4th hour)!


Because it’s a darned good mop (see my e-cloth and Norwex microfiber mop reviews here) and REAL SIMPLE Magazine rated e-cloth ® as Best Washable Mop as a part of their “The Definitive Cleaning Products Road Test” article!

ecloth voted best microfiber mop and cloth by real simple magazine

Actually, e-cloth ® was rated #1 in Three Categories by REAL SIMPLE:

  1. Best Washable Mop (ecloth ® Deep Clean Microfiber Mop)ecloth general purpose cloth voted best microfiber cloth by Real Simple magazine
  2. Best Microfiber Cloth (ecloth ® General Purpose Cloth)
  3. Best Scrubber (ecloth ® Washing up Pad)

Thank you REAL SIMPLE and the Today Show for telling the world what I already knew: e-cloth ® is Number 1!

Sorry Norwex.

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